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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's uh growin'......

Slowly, but surely!

Well....our garden finally looks like we might actually get some vegetables this year! Although....I may be speaking too soon.

I think we took care of the rabbit problem.... we put down more fertilizer......watered more frequently....and now we are actually starting to get some buds!

If you look in the center- focused can kind of see the tiny little jalapeno buds.

Here is our corn. It's growing tall, but still not sure we will end up with corn.

Here is a picture of the garden on May 24 (just 2 weeks ago)...the corn plants are the ones in front of Geoff (which is the left side of the garden. I didn't take a full shot of the garden today, although I am thinking I should have now.....everything has grown so much and it's getting really exciting!

These are our okra plants...and although they do not have buds...they have grown so much over the past 2 weeks.

These are the pickling cucumber plants. Geoff was about to give up on them because they were almost all the way wilted....but I told him to give them a little while and they are now green and growing!! So maybe we will get some cucumbers after all!

And this is one of the tomato is starting to bud as well.
So now we just have to keep up the bugs away!!

We've learned so much this year....and I know we still have so much more to learn!


Kristin said...

That's awesome!! Makes me want a garden!!

Viv said...

It is awsome!

Mrs. Ramsey said...

Good for y'all for taking the time to grow a garden!

Megan said...

Looking good!! Our corn is Pit-i-ful!!! may know this, but I didn't so I will tell you. HA! When it starts to make, it pretty much has to be picked every day. It doesn't need to stay on the plant long. It will get hard and then it isn't any good. Just a tip. :-)


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