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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the eye doctor and fun halloween party!

We started out our day with a visit to the pediatric opthamologist.  Grace had failed her last 2 vision screens....and while we had not seen any signs from her that she wasn't able to see....we decided to get it checked out since I was (and am) so severely far-sighted....and have been since I was 3.  (And she was seen by the very same eye doctor I was 28 years ago!)

Playing in the waiting room....

The doctor came in and did a quick exam and then she was off to get her eyes dilated.  She did ok.  Only cried a little.

Then we had to wait for 20 more minutes.

We played with the toys they had out for a bit, then she went through my wallet.

Good news is.....her eyes are just fine right now!

When we left, of course, her eyes were sensitive and I had not thought all the way through it, so I tried to give her my sunglasses.

We headed straight to a halloween play date party that my sister was throwing.  She went all out with their gift buckets.

Krissy brought these adorable cakes.  I just couldn't get over them.

Yes- this is a cake, too!

Kristin had a great spread, as always.

Megan brought some delicious sausage balls and these cute donut hole acorns.

Poor Hayden is the only boy for now.  Only- I don't think he really minds!  ;)

(Grace's shirt was so messy I already had to take it off by this point.  ;)

Another great day.   I'm exhausted.  ;)

1 comment:

Viv said...

so glad that her eyes were ok. The Halloween spread looked so yummy.


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