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Monday, October 24, 2011

Gift Idea for the Grandparents and Pumpkin Carving

We picked out our pumpkins last week....and picked up 3 small ones for a little big one for another project.....and 2 for carving.

Parker has been looking forward to this and begging everyday.  And so today was the day!

So for the 3 smaller pumpkins.....we were going to cut out the tops....clean them out....then put flowers in and deliver to the grandparents.  We made it to 2 out of the 3 tonight.  ;)  We all (well I say 'we all'...Geoff did the most work and might have a different opinion.  ;)) had a great time doing this.

We started by letting them color their pumpkin (the smaller ones)....only.....I quickly figured out that washable markers don't really work on pumpkins.  ;)  So I got really brave and let them use Sharpies.  ;)

And I was surprised at how well this one did.  Never wrote on herself!  Or anything else for that matter.

Parker said she was going to write, "I love you." on hers.

Initially- Grace was disinterested.  This was her first time pumpkin carving and so she really had no idea what to expect.

But it didn't take long for her curiosity to rise....

She was very helpful putting the flowers into the pumpkins.  ;)  We got these flowers at Wal-Mart for about $2.50 each.    I was tired and so just grabbed the first ones we saw.  And I do like the purple, but as we were leaving I saw the yellow and wish we would have gotten them instead.  I love purple and orange, but the yellow would have really stood out.

At this point- she was disinterested.

Until she heard all of the praising going on toward Grace for planting her flowers.....she decided she wanted to do one, too.

We had to move inside by the time we got to the actual pumpkin carving because it started getting a little too hot.  I love this picture of Grace walking up to her daddy to see what he was doing and resting her sweet little hand on his shoulder.

Love this one.  Ha!

So I saw the idea on Pinterest to drill holes in your pumpkin to make polka dots.  We were going to do this and then decided we should drill our initial into it.  It turned out really cute, but I was too lazy tonight to take a picture of it all lit up, so it'll have to wait until Halloween night.  ;)

Grace was standing on the couch and peaked over at me....I snapped it at just the right moment somehow.  :)

We made one large pumpkin with flowers for our front porch, too.

After Grace went down for her nap- Parker helped Geoff carve the 'scary' pumpkin.  Love these pictures of them.  And I have to say- he did a fantastic job on that pumpkin, I was very impressed.  But that picture will have to wait, too.  ;)

I also found another idea on Pinterest....pumpkin rice kris pie treats.  I've been wanting to make some for of treat, and this one turned out because I had everything I needed without running to the store.  At least I thought I did.  Had everything out and realized I needed the tootsie rolls!

So Geoff kindly went to the store.  And this was Parker's favorite part.  Don't know how many times she asked, "Mommy?  Can I have just one more?"

I had some orange food gel, but we had a quick lesson in colors and mixing red and yellow to make orange.  She put the drops in and we counted them.

Parker didn't want green vines on hers.  She wanted hers rainbow.

After Grace's nap- we headed to dinner and then my parents' houses for delivery.  I had intended to get pictures of the girls with their grandparents, but didn't.  So this one lone picture of Parker carrying it to the door will have to do.  ;)


Kristin said...

What a GREAT idea!!! BOTH.... I want to try it now!!!

Viv said...

Precious and oh so very sweet!(& Smart)

Megan said...

Love them all! So much fun!!

I think I have all the same pin's on pinterest! I have all the stuff but just waiting on a day Jeff can be here to do it with us. We may not ever get it done! :-)

Anonymous said...

Do you treat the inside of the pumpkin or do anything to it to keep it from rotting to fast? Or is it not even an issue?

Thanks so much!

Southport, NC


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