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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

@ the library with Daddy

While I was sleeping today- Geoff took the girls to the park and then to the library.  While at the park....he and Parker saw that the moon was still out....and so they collectively decided to head to the library to get books about the moon.

He had initially decided that they wouldn't not stay for story time until.....

Until Geoff saw the big fire truck out front and realized that the firetruck was there for story time.

And he was so sweet to take pictures for me.  I hate that I missed the firetruck, but glad that they had a good time.  {We might just have to go back on Wednesday!)

Geoff said that because she wouldn't smile....the fireman tried to tickle her and talk to her.  She wouldn't budge.  Little turkey.

Nope.  Not gonna smile.

Just look at you like your crazy.  ;)

In for story time....

And he also got this short little video of the girls doing one of the songs they do between the stories.  I love how Grace thinks she's so big next to her sister.  And just how big Parker is {and it isn't stopping!!!}

1 comment:

Viv said...

Wonderful job Geoff! Precious girls! Thank ya'll so much for sharing these times with us you two!


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