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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Parker's 4th Birthday Party

Parker turned 4 years old on September 18th....and while I went back and forth on having her a big party....we ultimately decided on a nice family gathering.  With our crazy schedules....we ended up having it on the Friday after her birthday.

I had these great intentions {as I usually do} of making all of these decorations....but true to form, was running behind.  And with the tremendous help of Geoff.....we pulled off a few.  Enough to make it party-ish.

So Geoff made these tissue poms for me.....

Parker wanted a princess party- and so I tried my best to produce.

So I made this 'princess' cupcake bunting.  And this cute tutu to wrap around the cake stand.  Minutes before the party started, Geoff snapped this picture of Parker in her birthday outfit, I printed it out, and placed it on this clipboard and added a bow.  I had envisioned a 'cuter' picture....but it's really grown on me and now I love it.

The deal is....I have failed yet again on getting pictures of everyone.  Not pictured: Aunt B and Dave, my great Aunt Pauline, Aunt Aubrey, Papaw & Gran, and Poppa.  Sorry.  ;(  Hope to get better about taking pictures.

We picked up BBQ to make it easy.  ;)  So we ate....

Sister doesn't hurt for much....

And the cupcakes!  That we got {and ordered} the day of .  But they were pretty good.  Vanilla cupcakes with white icing, and red velvet cupcakes.

Parker is becoming such a big girl and I was going to include her 4 yr post in this one, but it's not quite written yet.  ;)  She's just doing and saying so much I never want to forget.  It's gone so fast.  Can't believe it's been 4 years since she graced us with her presence.  It's been crazy, but beautiful.....and I wouldn't change and thing.

1 comment:

Viv said...

Loved the pictures and so happy that you didn't get any of Aunt "B" and Dave, LOL!


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