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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Wednesdays have become one of my favorite days with the girls.  Our local library has a great story time for the kids.  We've been out here for 2 years and have gone quite a bit....but never made it a habit to go each week.

Well for the past month....when story time started back up after the summer....we've been each week.  They have different story times for the different age groups....and right now we are going to the one that is for 3-6 year olds.  The librarian reads stories for about 20 minutes.....with a fun song (with motions) and/or a nursery rhyme between the 3 books she reads.  Then after all of the books are read (which are all about the same theme - cars, trains, etc.)....they have a craft for the kids to do.

I can tell that since we have been going regularly, Parker is getting more comfortable and is paying attention to the stories much more closely.  Grace usually sits in my lap and 'plays' on my phone during the story, then will stand up and partially do the motions.

I snapped a few pictures last week and this week because I thought the sessions were pretty neat.

Last week was about cars.  After the 3 stories, the the librarian handed out 'steering wheels' (the heavy duty round paper plates that have the 2 compartments, and she cut out the centers) and they 'drove' around the library.....stopping to observe all of the traffic signs she had posted up.  Such a neat idea, I thought.

Then went back to the story time room and Parker made a stop light.

Sometimes, if I'm really in a nice mood....we'll go to Chic-fil-A to eat and play before heading home for Grace's nap time and Parker's 'quiet' time.  But it seems that all of the other moms at story time have the same idea and it gets a little crazy there!  ;)

Then on Wednesday nights....we head to church.  Parker is now old enough for choir and AWANA Club (Approved workman are not ashamed. 2 Timothy 2:15).  I won't get into what AWANA is for now...but it's a really great program and Parker has already begun to learn memory verses (a lots of other things, too!).

Anyway......on this Wednesday (which was last Wednesday).....the girls were climbing into the car and getting into their seats....and Grace climb into the middle seat....which is normally Parker's seat and normally.....Parker throws a huge fit if Grace gets in her seat.  We were running late (as usual), and so I told Grace that she needed to get down.  Parker stopped and looked at me and said and the sweetest voice, "No Mommy.  It's ok.  I want Grace to sit in my seat."  I kissed her face.  I was so proud of her for not being selfish and sharing with her sister (a little dramatic, I suppose, but this is something we're working on people)  ;).  I told her I was so proud of her and that it made my heart full of joy that she was so nice to her sister.  This was something new she was hearing and minutes later asked me if my heart was still overflowing.  ;)  {And so, of course, now....she is always telling me that Grace can sit in the middle....almost to the point of annoyance because then I have to adjust the straps!!!  Ha!  We can't win for losing, I guess.}

So story time this week was another good one.  She read about boats.  They were good stories....not too long and Parker kept her interest until the last one, when she decided to come and sit in the back with me and Grace.  Here she is doing one of the 'songs'.

After story time and craft time.....we went out to the patio where the librarian had small pools with rubber duckies and some bubbles for the kids to play with.

We only played for a bit before heading back inside to pick out a few books to check out.  The girls love to sit in these little chairs and 'read' which is great because it gives me a chance to pick out the books I we want to take home.

Another cute craft.....

Then for church....{and this is what happens when you let your 4 year old 'play games' on your phone on the way to church..

I had to get this picture.  I really try to let her wear what she wants.  Maybe one day she'll hold it against me, I don't know.  But she had initially come out of her room dressed in a tank top and purple carp which- I told her no ( in a nice way).  So I got her to agree to put this on.....and she picked out the shoes and socks.  ;)

And to get one with Grace.  Gotta love that smile, sister.  Makes me love her more, if that's even possible.

I usually work with the 3rd-6th grade girls during AWANA, but they were short in the Cubbies (3 and 4 year olds) so it was a special treat to be in Parker's class tonight.  It was a great night, because she finished her start zone and earned herself a new 'big' book and a vest.  She was so proud of herself.  She told me "Mommy...... I worked really hard to get this."  And that she did.

They also had a special treat tonight....a cupcake.  She honestly didn't realize it was all over her face.  Another teacher tried to tell her and she acted confused?  ;)


Kristin said...

Looks like lots of fun! I know I say I am going to go to story time each week and then I never do. I am lazy! But, I know it is good for Payton and I should start going each week!!

Good job Parker at Awanas!!! That's so great!

Viv said...

Wonderful pictures for a wonderful Wednesday for ya'll!


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