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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

just a great day.

Today was one of those days that was just really good.

Despite the fact that I could not fall asleep until 2am even though I initially laid down at 11pm (gotta love the night shift)....I woke up with good energy and was ready to go.

We met some friends at the zoo- and while I thought I got a lot of good pictures, I was mildly disappointed. But there will be many more trips....

There were quite a few penguins swimming around this morning as we walked up.  More than when we were there the last time.  {And tonight- as I was telling Parker goodnight....she said, out of the blue...."I am really glad we got to see those penguins swimming today.  It was really neat."  Although I am not home with my girls every day as I wish :).........I love that I am able to still do things with them like this and really soak it up.

We were able to see the lions with the trainers...which we did not see last time.  It was really neat to see.

They told us that they actually train them to do this 'trick' so that they can assess their underside.  And another thing that I thought was really neat......I saw that the trainer reached through the gate with a syringe toward the leg?  I had wondered if she had injected him with anything.  But, in fact, it was an empty syringe....and they do this so that when they come with them with their medication or vaccination, they won't run away and so they won't have to sedate them.

We had a pb&j lunch....

Then headed to the children's zoo.  It was a beautiful day today.....and little chilly with the wind, but no complaints here!  Parker was dressed for a blizzard.  Not necessary, but her choice.  ;)

We went to the mole hole....a place I had not been before.

Around 1 o'clock- we headed home.   Just in time for Grace's nap.

Geoff was in training today and so he got home a little after 4.  We headed to our local 'pumpkin patch' (next year I am going to really try to find a real pumpkin patch and apple orchard!) to get a few pumpkins for 'projects' and carving.  I had high hopes of diving into some of that tonight, but we ran short.

Trying so hard....

She's mad because she wanted to stay and play longer and was ready for story time.  Only....story time is on Saturday.  ;)  She got over it quickly and we ran to Wal-Mart for a few things.

Came home for a special oreos and milk treat.  I am sure Grace has had one before, but we don't keep them around normally, and so I guess I will count this time as her first.....where we actually sat down with a glass of milk and had our oreos.  She knew just what to do.

Love it!

And finished off our night with Parker (a.k.a "Hi-tee-Jodie)......I was Moo-loo, Grace was Donut, and Geoff was Ned.  ;)  We had to review names several times.

Parker went over several times how it was important for us to eat fruits and vegetables to be healthy.  We asked her who told her that but got no answers.

Part of the class.......

Geoff had to go to time out....only this time....he really didn't do anything wrong.

And finished with a book.

Looking forward to another busy, fulfilled day tomorrow!


Bill Howard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jennifer said...

Ok sorry I was signed in under another blog! :) That would have been weird.

Ok, my favorite part is the milk in the Jack Daniels glass. Looks like a great day!

Kristin said...

LOL Jen, I was going to say the same thing about the milk in the Jack Daniels cup!! HAHA

I also love at the pumpkin patch how Grace tried to pull it and then she was plopped down on the wagon! HAHA!!

And Parker teaching and having a class is priceless! And I remember playing school and store and it was a blast when we were kids!! I want to play again! :)

Jodie said...

I, too, was going to comment on the JD glass and milk. Love it! I LOVE the names she picked out for class!


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