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Thursday, November 8, 2012

one of those days...

Today was just one of those days.

One of those days when your 2 year old cries for nearly 10 minutes because she wants to wear a certain PINK shirt that you, the mother, have no idea what shirt she's talking about.  And as the time passes, you, the mom, is pretty sure she doesn't know what she's talking about either.  ;)

One of those days where sisters are just really at each other....they are playing well one minute- then one second later crying over something.

One of those days where I felt invisible to my kids and where they felt like they could do whatever they pleased.  Haha...yeh...we worked a lot today on "obeying the first time" I ask them to do something.

Wednesdays are looong days for us, so this is mostly par for our Thursday.  I think I'm trying to come down with throats a little sore and itchy....I'm hoping it's the ever changing weather and it will pass.

I think I'm also experiencing some residual fatigue leftover from the first trimester of this pregnancy.  I just thought with the other 2 I was already back to my normal energy levels....and with this one....the energy is very slow in coming....

But today wasn't all bad.  It wasn't really bad at all.

We were finally able to do our school work in the 'school room' this morning.  This room has pretty much been a catch all for any and everything since we moved in just over 3 years ago.  I finally have a vision for how I really want it to turn out- sewing room/office/schoolroom....but it is just a slow go.  We'll get there someday.  I hope.  ;)

I made these fresh grilled burritos (and leftovers for dinner)....

After lunch- the moon and starts alined and the girls played happily together for almost 2 hours!  It's still a little warmer than I was hoping for November....but it was still a really nice day and we were able to keep the back door open for a while...

And on another positive note....I steam cleaned our kitchen floors.  I'm not even going to try to guess how long it's been since they have been clean but they were bad.  Very bad.  And now they are {mostly} clean!

 Looking forward to a new day tomorrow!  ;)


Kristin said...

Fun day!! Haha its funny you cleaned your floors and so did I yesterday.. I couldn't take it anymore!!!! I don't know how long its been either so got out the Shark!!

Viv said...

Sounds like a normal day! You just take care of yourself and don't overdue! Need to check it out and get me one of those Sharks!


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