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Thursday, November 29, 2012

this and that

From our week:

Since it is officially Christmastime...we broke out some of our holiday apparel for church on Sunday.  I had originally thought that the girls still had quite a few outfits to wear that I made them last year.  Well...wrong!  Most of Parker's still fit...but for some reason I made Grace 2 outfits that were a top and pants.....and now the pants for sure do not fit!  So anyway- they still have a few they can wear and I actually got 2 dresses sewn this week (1 for each girl).  So that's progress....
{it took so much work to get the girls to stand next to each other and have some sort of semblance of a smile...}
And it's obviously not the end of the world...but I have so much fun sewing for them and it's kind of nice to have the energy and motivation to do it again!

Geoff sent me these pictures  one day when I was at work....along with a message saying:
"A serious 'we love you mom' and a serious 'silly face' to help brighten your day"
And it did just that!

 On Monday- Geoff and I were off together.  Parker was in school so we ran some errands and just soaked up our littlest gal....

Loved spending some time with her in my lap watching Cinderella..

Geoff drew the Santa on the left.  And then Parker drew the one in the right.  I was pretty impressed with my 5 year old's skills.  Haha!

And our poor Christmas tree.  This is the first year we went to a tree farm and actually cut our own.  A fun experience...made some memories.  Not sure if we'll do it again though.  ;)  It needs some work for sure....but it's growing on me!  

With the scent of the fresh Christmas made me ready to get out my Christmas warmer.  And I love the Christmas cottage scent.  It's leftover from last year so I really need want to order some new scents!  We'll see....

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Viv said...

The tree is going to be great! Love all the pics as usual but especially the ones Geoff sent to you at work!

Anonymous said...

Granny loves all of this and all of YOU.


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