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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Parker's Thanksgiving Feast

Parker had her Thanksgiving feast at school last week.  Each class had their own....and I think their's turned out pretty well!  Lots of good food (that I did not get a picture of) and some really cute crafts.

Parker and her sweet teacher Mrs. Williams...

They painted these cute turkey puppets with their pointer finger....but we didn't stay long enough for them to dry and play with the puppets.  But still a really cute idea....

I think Parker's favorite part was this turkey shaped brownie that one of the moms brought.  She just baked them in a cookie sheet and cut them out after cooling.  I've never thought to do this!

Like I said- I didn't get many pictures, but wanted to document the few I had!  She'll only be in preschool once!  Haha!


Kristin said...

Cute brownie!!! The first picture cracked me up, the little girls face in the background... HAHA! But, it is a good picture of you and Parker!!

Viv said...

Very good pic of you and Parker! I love the way she's intently looking at the brownie while eating it!


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