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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving Day 2012

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day.  A slow morning at home with the girls...pancake and bacon breakfast....then headed to my mom's for lunch.

I saw this idea on pinterest.  It was so easy because you prepare the fruit just like you would for a fruit salad...but then just lay it out like a turkey.  I think we ate more fruit this way, too!  Laid out like this it became our appetizer and so people were more prone to eat it...or so I think.

We took a few family pictures right when we got there because I am horrible at getting one of our family.  I have the best of intentions and always think "oh we'll just get the picture later" but then we get tired and lazy and never do.
It was so windy!

My mom made the girls' dresses and they are so cute!
Grace was not happy about having her picture taken! 

 It's times like this that you really need a double oven!

Everyone gathered around the table for lunch!

So much yummy food!

And dinner was basically the point where I put down my camera and didn't pick it up again until 10 minutes before we left.  Then I went around taking pics of everyone.  SO.....I don't have Aubry & Greg and Brian & Christine.  Hoping Kristin did!

Granny and Mark

Terry & Mom

And Aunt Pauline

Feeling so blessed this Thanksgiving for all that I have been given and definitely do not deserve.

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Viv said...

Precious memories!


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