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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Christmas @ Papaw and Gran's

We ended up not being able to have Christmas at my dad's until the 30th.  We were to have lunch, but we got there a little early to visit and snack around on the yummy dips and cheese balls.

Grace and Parker 


Dad's delicious blackberry cobbler that we all love so much....

On the menu this year was steak and lobster!  Yum!  Phil helped do something with them (not sure exactly what it's called!)....

These lobsters were huge!!

Kristin brought a bag-o-barbies and the girls played mostly well together the whole day.  We were talking about how each year at the holidays it has gotten a little easier with them.  The early years were often full of fussy, tired, overstimulated babies that didn't have anything to keep their interest...they needed to be held or have a place to sit.  This year they mostly entertained themselves with the exception of little arguments her and there.  :)

Geoff did a lot of this...


Kristin and Phil

Techy kids.  They all had our phones at this point.

The table set, including ramekins for the melted butter...


Brussel sprouts...

Pictures before presents:

Grace, Payton, Parker...

Kristin, Payton, Phil


Kasey and Brian

Dad and Kay

Christine and Brian

After dinner we opened presents and visited for a while.  But no more pictures!  :)

1 comment:

Viv said...

Made me hungry for one of those cobblers of his. They are so yummy! Again, wonderful pics and wonderful memories!


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