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Thursday, January 10, 2013

insta-friday: the last few weeks of 2012

Random post with my phone pics and in no particular order.  ;)

Family Day.  The holidays were busy with my work schedule and we got a few hours one afternoon to all hang out together.  It was cold and rainy out so we watched a Christmas movie and sipped on hot cocoa with Reddi Whip together.

Parker suggested this next take a picture of our feet!  She's definitely my child.  Haha!

I'm rarely able to go to church on Sundays but Geoff still goes and takes the girls.  I try to have their clothes picked out so I know that they will be decent.  ;)  Here's the picture he sent me one morning.  And oh brother...Grace's 'dress' is really a tunic length top now and she probably should have been wearing something underneath other than her leg tights!  But they do get on without me I guess.  :)

Parker had her first school Christmas program....

Grace had her first Christmas mini dance recital...

Fun pancake breakfast with chocolate chip eyes and a bacon scarf.

Best daddy.  Painting his girlies toes.  And he does quite well, I might add!

This is my growing belly a few weeks ago....I think I was 22 weeks?

She finally wore me down!  It was a weekday afternoon and I only needed a few I let her take her shopping cart into Tom Thumb with us to shop.  We got a few stares.  ;)
*I told Grace to stand next to her she sat down beside her.  Stinker!

Santa came and delivered the girls' dollhouse....

These Christmas turtle pretzels are just so darn good.  And cute too!  You cannot eat just one- that's for sure!

Our family Christmas picture a few days early since I worked on Christmas.  Our family of four.

Snow!!  We actually had a white Christmas and Geoff sent me some pictures.  Made my day!

OK!  Just had to get this posted.  Makes me feel like I accomplished something.  I still have a quite a few more things to post from Christmas that I'm dreading just because I'm lazy and Christmas is over with and I'm ready to move on... but hoping I will just get it over with soon!


life rearranged


Nothingcanseperate said...

Adorable kids! Don't worry about the stares- they're just people who don't know how to have fun. Your daughter will always remember wha a cool mommy she had and shopping with her own cart! It's the little things!

Stopping by from insta Friday.

Kristin said...

I just noticed the barbies in the shopping cart as well.. LOL and that day Grace wore that dress I was thinking you and I had discussed that she needs pants for it. Haha and then I saw her wearing it without, so I figured you thought it was long enough. Which I didn't notice it being too short, but that is funny!
Great pictures and memories in the snow!

Viv said...

wonderful pics! Love the ones of him painting toenails too, all of them priceless!


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