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Monday, July 22, 2013

back to work

I started back to work from my maternity leave the weekend before last.  The days leading up to my return- I was pretty surprised with myself and how well I was handling it all.

I'm not sure if it's that I hope to be working only part time here in a few weeks?  Or that I actually like my job and enjoy working the wonderful people that I work with?  That I'm leaving them with their father to care for them?  Or that going to work is actually easier than being home with all 3 alone?  Ha ha ha!  {true story}

So one of my favorite things when I'm at work is getting pictures from Geoff.  The next 3 are from the first day.  I had surprised the girls with new My Little Ponies at their place at the table for them to find when they woke up along with a note that I wrote each of them.

And one of a happy baby boy in his bouncer.

This past weekend....I got a picture of big boy in his bumbo.  This was his first time....and when I looked at the picture I immediately thought, "What???  He's not old enough for this?  Where's my newborn???"

Our 3.  Love this one.

Sunday he took all 3 out to get a few things at Wal-Mart.
The girls got new sketch pads and Nolan was just hanging out 'watching'.

And somehow.....Grace 'accidentally' wrote on his head.  Poor guy.  :)

And then I got this.  This video.  And teared up a bit.  So sweet of Nolan....and also of Geoff and things he says and how he talks to him....and then to send it to me to make my day.

A little afternoon painting.

And then Sunday night on my way home....I get this next from Geoff as he was trying to put Nolan to sleep.  So funny.  Little stinker.

And since I've been working (really it's been since I've had Nolan)...I know the girls have been lacking in individual attention from us.  So this morning I had an eye doctor appointment for myself and I decided that Parker could go with me and then we'd go out for lunch afterwards.  Well- we went to the appointment and then to Target just for fun...and then to Sonic.  Yes, Sonic.  In my head- we were going to go to Chili's and sit on the same side of the booth.  But she chose Sonic and to eat outside.  So eat outside at Sonic we did.

We had a good time just visiting, and it broke my heart to leave Grace behind because it made her so sad.  When we pulled out of the driveway she was just smiling and was SO sweet.  Then Geoff told me when we got home that she watched us until we were out of sight...and after she turned around to go back inside she lost it.  So sad, bless her heart.  But I know they each need this time and next Tuesday will be her time.  Can't wait.

So thankful for my husband....who- in my absence- provides care for our 3 kids (and me) with nary a complaint.  Blessed.


Viv said...

Well, this one really brought tears to my eyes! And yes, sweet girl, you are so blessed with this amazing Family! Love you all so!

Emily said...

Glad back to work has gone ok for you. I was kinda ready to get back to work and in a routine when I went back this last time too. And the fact that yes, my job is WAY easier than chasing them all day long and they spend their days with Grandma, helped a little too : )

Kristin said...

Glad Geoff sends you all of those pictures! And looks like fun time with Parker and poor Grace trying to be strong but then lost it!! Cant' believe Nolan can sit in the Bumbo seat!! He is growing too fast.

Aubrey said...

They are all growing up so fast!


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