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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

almost there

This spit-bubble-blowing little boy is about to start crawling.  I give it anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks.  Our lives will be forever changed.  Ha!

He's really starting to want to be mobile.  And while he can get from Point A to Point B....sometimes he wants to go to Point C and can't quite make it there.  He can get in position, but then usually slides backwards.  He's usually somewhat mobile just from rolling and scooting.

So yesterday I wanted to just capture a few pictures of him in his final days before crawling.  He will actually try to crawl for a few important laptops, phones, and even Parker's new game laptop that looks so real.

I sat the laptop up for him.  He notices.  And contemplates.

This screwdriver is pretty good.

Ehh....better try to get that laptop.

Just kidding!

Wait?  Maybe I do want that thing.

Yes!  Yes, I do.

I'm gonna do it.

Should I?


I'm going...



It was just fun to watch him.  And I watch him I think I do that play-by-play in my own head for what's going on in his head.  Is that normal?  I think I did it with our dogs when we had dogs, too.

Then I just wanted to take some more pictures.  I tried to get his attention and get him to smile and made all kinds of funny sounds and faces...and he wasn't into it.  At all.

And so then...I just laid there...watching him play....and just took pictures as I felt.  And I loved it so much.  Just to sit back and watch.  And it was in these moments....that I really soaked it all up.  Just watching...listening...making the imprints in my head.

My favorite.  These eyes stare straight into my soul.

Those hands!!

And those squishy, squishy feet.  Thickest feet I've ever seen.

Sweet boy.


Viv said...

So durn cute and sweet! He's fixing to get busy for sure though!

Kristin said...

Won't be long and he is so cute! Love him so!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet and getting so big
Love you little man. granny


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