Friday, January 3, 2014

Paisley Gayle

This past niece, Paisley Gayle was born.  Happy and healthy.....and the smallest of the grandbabies born so far.  So happy for my sister and her little family of four.

Me & Paisely

Gramma & Paisley

Aunt Sis, Paisley, Payton, & Uncle Phil

My girls were so so excited to meet her.

This guy doesn't know what to think.  Haha!

All of the grandbabies on my mom's side (minus 1 grandbaby in California).  4 girls and a boy.

Geoff and Paisley

Proud Daddy

and Proud Momma

Love her to pieces...can't wait to snuggle her some more!


Viv said...

She is such a beautiful baby girl!

Aubrey said...

Beautiful pictures! I can't wait to meet her! The picture of all the kids is soooo precious!


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