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Thursday, January 16, 2014

it's gonna be a good day

I woke up this morning....a little groggy.  Ok.  I was tired.  Slow moving.  I sat in the recliner to feed Nolan while the girls watched a show on the iPad, patiently waiting for Nolan to finish his bottle so I could then make them their breakfast.   I read my Jesus Calling for the day while feeding him....and it reminded me again to cast my care and worries on Him, and He will carry me through the 'transform my fear into confident trust.'  I prayed over the day and to give me patience...and lots of other things.  ;)
  Nolan finished his bottle fairly quickly.  But I wasn't quite ready to get up just yet. So I turned him around in my lap facing outward to just sit there for a little while longer.  I decided I wanted to try to get a picture of the 2 of us...and just as I was about to snap away...the girls trickled in and immediately sat right beside me...just as you see in the picture above.  I snapped this one.  Looked at it.  And new that today was gonna be a good day.  Not because 'great' things were going to happen, per se, or that we had amazing plans of some sort.....I just knew that I had a whole whole whole lot to be thankful for....and that whatever I did....would be with these 3.  These 3 healthy, beautiful kids I'm blessed to call mine.  I can sit around and come up in my head with all that I want (me, me, me!)..and it never ends.  It's awful.  I know this.  
I have way more than I deserve.  And I know this, too.


We were fresh out of I bundled 'em up and headed to Tom Thumb.  We bought some baby food, bagels, donuts, and a Starbucks coffee for me.  
{this shopping cart is getting heavy!}

We came home...Nolan napped....Parker and I worked on school...while Grace sat quietly with the iPad.  
Nolan woke up right before we were we moved it to the floor.

We had lunch...then out the door for a stroll around the block.  It seemed to take us almost 30 minutes to get dressed and out the door!  Then halfway around the block...a small dog had gotten out of his fence and was barking at us and kept coming closer...and the girls lost it.  Lost.  It.  Thankfully I was able to 'shew' the dog away...and we resumed our peaceful stroll.  It was so good to be out, though....such a beautiful beautiful day. 

Home again and time for Nolan's afternoon nap.  The girls had some quiet time in their room while I tried to get a few more things done for Grace's birthday party gathering on Saturday evening.

Then we attempted to make 'sandstone' out of sand and glue (for science).  We'll see if it turns out after it dries?  I don't think our sand was sand-y enough.  Anyways....either was good to get outside again and the girls loved playing in the sand.

{Yes- my kids own clothes other than pajamas, why do you ask?}

Nolan likes to participate, too.

And then some playtime.  
The girls use a hose and wrap it around the swing set somewhere (I fully realize this  is prooooobably not the safest thing)...and climb their way up.  They are 'playing' something...I think Disney's Frozen movie somehow.  It's the funniest, sweetest thing.  Love their little imaginations.

Pure joy in their faces here.

And this boy.  It has begun.


Courtney said...

Oh man, nothing is worse than when someone's random dog gets loose! They terrify Abigail as well. I'm glad it didn't ruin your walk :)

Viv said...

Bless their hearts on the loose dog! I'm 64 years old and that still terrifies me! Love dogs but not so much the ones that I don't know. Precious times and precious pics! By the way, Happy 4th Birthday Grace Jean as I'm reading this blog I realize today is actually her day! What a wonderful, sweet, precious great-niece you all and we love you so very much!

Anonymous said...

A beautiful family and thoughtful
Mom love ya, granny

Egg Accessories said...

Thankk you


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