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Saturday, January 4, 2014

remembering 2013....hello 2014

Looking back on 2013...
{this post took to put together.  but i'm so glad i did it.  i went through the whole year....but it was especially meaningful and nostalgic to go through the first part of the year.  a lot of changes and growth in our family this year, and on so many levels.  again- so very blessed.}


-The girls had their first airplane ride to Florida....

And our first trip to Disney World...

Such fond memories looking back at these posts and I can't wait til we go back.


A little Valentine cookie baking with my girlies...

-Our little valentines on Valentine's Day.

March...was a little more eventful.  ;)

-We got our last professional pictures done as a family of 4.

-St. Patrick's Day

 -Our annual Easter Egg hunt playdate at Megan's.

I had the most wonderful shower thrown for me by my sister and Emily.

And even more blessed to have this sweet work shower thrown for me by my friends Amanda and Pei Lan.


-Countdown for baby boy was in full swing.

-Parker was too scared to get on the boat so she just hung out with me and Gran.

-I was beyond excited to throw one of my best friends of over 20 years (along with her sister, Lauren) a baby shower.  Amy was expecting her first baby boy....and I was expecting my 3rd baby (but first boy!)...they are 6 weeks apart and it's so fun seeing them together now.

-And we also threw my step sister, Aubrey, a bridal shower the same day!

-My final days pregnant with the boy.  And most likely ever.  :)

-And the eventful arrival of said baby boy.....making us a family of 5.


-Took newborn pictures when Nolan was 8 days new.

-Aubrey was the most beautiful bride and had the most beautiful wedding.

-And we made the change.  We got a minivan.  haha!


-Spent some quiet time reflecting about time and how fast it goes and how I choose to spend it one weekend while the girls were at my mom's and I only had Nolan to care for.

-And a baby shower for my stepsister Kasey.


-the 4th of July

-I went back to work full-time (I have, thankfully, since gone part time, but I'm not sure if I ever wrote about it?)...and Geoff would send me pictures like this to get me through the long days.


-August was a slow blogging month....I guess busy with work, getting Parker ready for school, and just life, in general.  A few Insta- Friday posts...includng pics of my first mini road trip with all 3 by myself.  

-Nolan also turned 3 months old this month.


-Parker had a little Rainbow Dash birthday gathering with family.

-And I did a little recap of our homeschooling days and adjusting to what all that entails. (she goes to school 2 days a week and home schools 2 days).


-Parker started to learn how to roller skate and we took a Sunday evening family stroll...something I had wanted to do for so long, but couldn't while working full time.

Emily and I threw my sister a Baby Shower...

And Halloween...


-Nolan turned 6 months old!  Already half of a year!

Baby's First


-Just lots of posts about Christmas and all the happenings dealing with that.  :)

2013 has been an incredibly full, blessed year.  In my family....we have added 4 grandbabies to the mix!!  Seeing as we only had the 3 girls (my 2 and my sister's one)....that's quite a few babies. 
We've also had 1 wedding (Aubrey's), and a funeral (my great aunt Pauline passed away this past October to esophageal cancer).  

Don't get me wrong....I was completely and totally blessed in 2013.  Not a thing I would change.  
For 2014, however, I wouldn't mind if we were just a little less 'busy.'  (yeh right!!)  ;)


Viv said...

Wonderful post! Love looking back!

Lisa Williams said...

Love this! Ha I totally may have to copy you and do a "remembering 2013" post.

Kristin said...

That was a great post! Loved looking back and I can't believe how much they have grown over the year. Ugh slow down time please!


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