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Friday, June 21, 2013


I didn't realize I took so many pictures this week!  All of these didn't make it onto Instagram.  I am really loving the app A Beautiful Mess because it lets me add the filters to pictures and give them a more 'finished' look, per se.... but then I don't have to share them- which I like having that option.

Still trying to get a good picture of his smile.  This is his half-smile and it's pretty sweet, too.  But that one where his whole face lights up and you can see his 1 dimple....oh I just melt.

a little tummy time..

I realize I have a problem taking pictures of him sleeping.  :)

Nolan @ 7 weeks!

His sweet feet.

Fighting sleep is his favorite game.  On this evening- I was trying to get dinner made and Geoff had taken the girls to the pool.  Not long after picking him up, he fell asleep in my arms like this.  He was out!  Drooling and, although it wasn't snoring, you could hear his breathing.  And as soon as I tried to move him....awake!  Ok- so he might be spoiled a tad.

Happy morning baby.  He had slept 7 hours straight the night before!  (Only.... one of his sister's was up 3 times!!!  It always seems to work out that like, huh?)

Me and my boy.

There's that smile!  (from the side...still working on a picture from the front)

This happens waaaay more than I'd like to admit.  The girls eating breakfast while watching a show on the iPad so I can scramble around and make breakfast, empty dishwasher, or feed/take care of Nolan.

When I was little- we used to put tape on the carpet and pretend it was our balance beam.  The girls are really into watching the move "American Girl: McKenna Shoots for the Stars" and so while it's on they 'play gymnastics.'  So I made them a little balance beam, too.

And my favorite from the loves.


Dawn said...

What a great idea to use painter's tape as a balance beam! Nolan is absolutely precious. I love all of his sweet expressions.

Viv said...

He is just so sweet! Love his dimple as well as his sweet little feet!


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