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Friday, June 7, 2013

life is good

As I uploaded my phone pictures this morning- I realized quickly that many of the pictures are of Nolan.  More specifically...of him sleeping.  ;)  He's just such a sweet baby boy and I don't want to ever forget him like this.

Last Saturday the girls had their dance recital.  All 3 (mine and my niece, Payton) did SO well.  I have video and Kristin took some great pictures that I hope to eventually post on here.

Sunday I was ambitious.  I wanted us to all go to church together.  We were only 20 minutes late.  Ha!  And yes- I still made is stop for a picture.  :)  Parker was so excited and I ran into her Sunday school teacher after class and she even told me how Parker was so excited that all 5 of us were there together.  It was good to be back....but...Nolan woke up right when we got into our class.  Then had a blow out.  I went down to the nursery to change his diaper and it had gotten all on his clothes and such.  He was wide awake so I didn't go back to class because I knew I'd just have to leave again to feed him.  I got him back to sleep before 'big church' started and then he woke up right as we sat down.  So....we all left early.  I don't want to put him in the nursery until he has his 2 month shots...and I just thought maybe he'd sleep through church, but I was wrong.  Not sure what I'll do this Sunday.

 My boys!  {so fun to say that}

 My sweet, balding, baby boy @ 5 weeks

 Me and my sleeping boy.  We're working on napping in a place not my arms.  :)

 Uhh!  On this particular afternoon- Nolan faught sleep from 3:30-9:30!!  It was rough.  On all of us.  I think it was his tummy because we'd get him to sleep...and we'd think he was in a deep sleep...and then just wake up a little fussy.  Not sure if it was something I ate...but let me tell you- I did not eat the same thing again.  Good news...he slept for 6 hours straight after that!!!  (and yesterday he had a good day...and he slept 6 hours straight last night, too!)

I haven't been doing many  activities with the girls these days (for obvious reasons)....and they've watched more tv than I'd like to admit.  But on this day I was just determined to do something.  And even though Nolan was in my arms...we did manage to make these paper bag puppets.  Love these ready made boxes of learning activities by Alex Toys.   All the stuff you need comes with it...and this activity didn't need much help from me which was my goal.  It's one of those things that I forgot that we had and glad I am remembering it again.  When I give the girls attention or activities to occupy our really makes our day better (I guess this is a no-brainer).

Nolan took another nap in his crib one afternoon (yay!)....and I thought he just looked so sweet with that one arm he wiggled out.  It was time to wake him for a feeding...and he was still so sleepy and just sprawled out.  So sweet.  

Just him sleeping in my arms again.  Like I said- I can't seem to get enough.  :)

Parker woke up like this yesterday morning.  I was pretty concerned when I saw it...then Kristin reminded me about when Payton woke up looking like this and it was just a stye and there's nothing you can do about it.  I called the advise nurse and she suggested I still come we did.  Kristin was right- it was a stye...but I guess I feel better that we went in anyway.  Especially since this morning it's looking a little more swollen and I would have taken her in eventually if not yesterday.  I don't think it hurts her too much....but just uncomfortable and she just looks so pitiful, bless her heart.

We only brought Nolan with us and Kristin took Grace and Payton to swim lessons.  Parker was so sweet to 'read' to her baby brother.  She went through each page and told a story.

So yes- life is good.  It's not perfect by any means.  I have laundry I can't keep up with.  Toilets that are rarely cleaned.  Floors that are cleaned even less.  2 girls that love each other and play so well together 1 minute...and then very next minute telling each other that they are not their best friend anymore and hitting each other {sometimes}.  I am running on little sleep.  I snap at my husband quickly when he is not deserving of it.  I run low on patience with my girls very often and snap at them.  But I have 3 healthy babies, a wonderful extended family, a home, clothing, and a husband who loves and puts up with me.  ;)   I sin daily and fall so very short of His glory.  But thankfully I am saved by His grace and am abundantly blessed way more than I deserve.
This week- Geoff is working a different schedule and it has completely changed my attitude.  He is home each evening to help with whatever I need and in putting the kids to bed.  And after 2 and a half years of not having this...let me tell you....we are loving it and not taking it for granted.  I have even cooked dinner twice...and that is an accomplishment in and of itself. Ha!



Natalie Jane said...

You're making me want my baby!!!! Except for the not sleeping part. Not looking forward to that part. Love the quilt pic!

Stopping by from insta-Friday. Come check out mine!

Viv said...

Precious pictures of all of the kids. Poor Parker and her stye, hopefully it didn't hurt her though. Was watching a repeat on tv and told Uncle Dave had to go look at Marla and Kristin's blogs because they always make me smile and make me happy! Love you all!

Jenny said...

Sweet pictures -- love your little boy. My little guy will be 7 weeks tomorrow -- and I can relate with how hard it is to put him down :)


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