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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Aubrey's wedding weekend

Aunt Aubrey got married a few weeks back.  She was the most beautiful bride and had the most beautiful wedding.  My girls and my niece were her flower girls.  I didn't get many pictures but here are the few I did get.

The festivities began on Friday morning for a bridal brunch.  It was at a country club nearby and everything was so nice.  My mom got the girls their matching dresses and they were too cute.  Parker, Aunt Aubrey, Grace, and Payton.

Gramma and Grace

That evening....they had their rehearsal dinner at a really nice restaurant on the lake.  The food was so good and I ate way too much.  The girls were invited, but we decided that they needed to get in bed on time that night (since they are such early risers!!) and got a sitter for them.  Nolan tagged along with us and at 10 days old, was still pretty sleepy and slept the whole dinner (that was SO nice!!).

After dinner we walked out onto the pier and released these paper lantern.  What a neat idea!  I know the girls would have loved to see "tangle-y hair's" {Rapunzel's} lanterns.  :)  Payton did get to go to the rehearsal dinner (no pictures!) and she thought it was so neat.

The next morning we just hung around the house and then we headed to the wedding venue close to 3:00 to start getting the girls ready.  I curled my girls' hair...and when it was Payton's turn...the girl who did the bride's hair was free and curled Payton's hair.  She looks so cute sitting there and with those golden curls!

This little guy did pretty well, I'd say.

All dressed and ready!  This is my most favorite picture of all 3 girls ever.  They all have a natural smile and you can just tell they all love each other.  And they're so stinkin' cute!

The girls had SO much fun at the reception (especially Parker).  Parker could not wait to dance...and she tore up the dance floor.  :)

and the Bride and Groom

Father-Daughter Dance

Congratulations Aubrey and Greg!  We are so happy for ya'll and your new life together.  You're a beautiful couple!


sayyesweddings said...

Lovely pictures!

Viv said...

Very beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing. She was indeed a beautiful bride and my three great-nieces were beautiful too! (and my great-nephew so handsome!)


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