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Tuesday, June 4, 2013


here are just some pictures from my phone.  i've been missing my insta-friday posts for a few weeks now, but wanted to get these documented.

one morning- parker made a 'surprise' for me.  she beckoned me to nolan's room where i found his outfit and the paper that says "little brother" taped to his changing table.  so sweet.


my girlies.  little posers.  :)


for the first few weeks nolan did sleep a lot...and so his eyes were closed a lot.  now they are open a lot more!


so none of my kids have ever liked a pacifier.  this picture was taken 2 weeks ago...and he had a horrible day.  it was his worst day yet.  i ended up opening up these pacifiers because they were different and i thought that maybe they would work better.  and that day- they did!  while we were putting the girls to bed i laid him on parker's bed with his paci....and he put himself to sleep.  then....he slept for 5 hours straight after we put him to bed.  i woke up at 3am and checked on him because he had not been up yet and that paci was still in his mouth.  i was so giddy.  where had the pacifier been all of my life? :)
 yeh- well.  too good to be true.  he will take a pacifier at times...but i pretty much have to help him keep it in his mouth...he won't just sit there and suck on it.  oh well.  that was the best/longest stretch of sleep i've had in over a month!


i also took my first trip to wal-mart with all 3.  i didn't do my full grocery shopping for the week...there were just things i needed and had tried to make it there the entire week and for various reasons...we never. made. it. out. the. door.  it was a workout though....pushing around 80+pounds!


sweet boy.  they're the sweetest when they're sleeping.  ;)


one day- parker wanted to help me make Geoff his coffee.  she did...and then ran to her room and returned wearing a t-shirt and be just like her daddy.


he took his first (and only to date) nap in his crib one afternoon....


the girls had their last day of dance last week.  they have a few leotards and a few more tutus....some of them are pretty cute.  the only thing is....they like to wear what they want when they want and it usually doesn't match!  on this particular morning- there were tears and fits.... and you can see who won.  some battles just aren't worth fighting!


Nolan turned 1 month old!


as i've mentioned- nolan has his fussy moments/days.  and on this day....he wasn't really letting me put him down.  so sugary cereal for dinner.  baby in tow.  (but those feet sure are cute!!)


friday morning snuggles with daddy and biggest sis.


Courtney said...

Oh my goodness! Their posing?? I'm dying.

Oh yes, I remember the days of chowing down on a bowl of cereal-baby in arms. The newborn days are so crazy!

Lisa said...

Parker and Grace are so sweet and Nolan is so precious! Ughhh the newborn days are so HARD!!! I know we all know it will be over so soon but still when you are in the moment with no sleep it seems like it will never end! I hope it gets better sooner rather than later ;)

Viv said...

So precious! He already has a smile on his face so you all are doing something right!(as usual) Such very sweet bigger sisters too!


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