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Friday, June 14, 2013

this week

Insta-Friday sure does seem to roll around pretty quickly, huh?  And I know it's because the weeks fly by.  Sigh.

I updated my insta-gram pictures on my display frame this week.  I ordered the pictures through the app PostalPix.  So easy and a pretty good price.  I've said it a million phone photos turn out to be some of my favorites.  They're the fleeting real-life moments that I'm able to capture that I would not otherwise with my big camera.

 This was last Saturday morning right after bath.

 Again...several pictures of baby boy sleeping this week.  Sleeping babies are just so sweet I can't help myself.

I let the girls hold him one morning.  Grace was checking out his ear....and I guess comparing it to her own?

Parker said to Nolan, "I remember when you were a baby crying in the hospital."  Ha!  So sweet.

 Red light, green light.
My kids don't need an alarm to wake up...they need one to make them stay in bed.
So this is the little "alarm clock" I got for Parker a couple of years ago.  We just started using it a couple of weeks ago.  After the upteenth day in a row of the girls getting up around 6:30...I decided I had to take action.  For my own sanity if for nothing else!  They'd be up early...but then tired and grumpy the rest of the day. And so then I would be too.  
So the way it works is the red light stays on until the time that they can come out of their room (which we set)...and it turns green.  It works pretty well so far.  Right now it's set for 7:15 and my goal is to move it to 7:30.  And while Parker can't tell time yet...she's aware of the numbers that are to be read when the light turns green.  So I think I'm going to have to be sneaky and just change the actual time so that the set time for the alarm doesn't change.  :)

 Poor girl can't catch a break.  After her stye from last week...she tripped on a cord and it got wrapped around her big toe and caused this.  She limped around for a day but I think she's all better now.

 Parker loves to get my phone and take pictures.  Mostly of Nolan.  But one morning she brought my phone to me and showed me how she took this picture of her toys all lined up.  Makes me smile.

 I've also been trying to get a good picture of Nolan smiling his full on smile.  Parker captured this and I think she may have come the closest to doing just that.

 On Wednesday I finally got Nolan down to nap and so I was rushing around in the kitchen trying to get dinner prepped and ready so that I could just put it in the oven later when I needed to.  So to occupy their time...the girls made this fort ALL BY THEMSELVES.  I was so impressed!
 Having 3 kids is definitely a lot of work....but I have been so thankful many times over that these girls have each other.  It has been my saving grace many many times since Nolan was born. (Don't's not always picnics and roses over here.....they're loving and playing SO well together one minute....and the VERY NEXT minute they are pushing each other's buttons and driving each other (and me) crazy!)

Sweet boy has had a rough few days this week.  I think his tummy's been bothering him.  It's so hard to discern if it's just normal baby colic or something I ate?'s resulted in lots of mother-son snuggling (which I don't really mind).  And lots of sleeping baby pictures.  :)



Rose said...

Stopping by from instafriday...

wow, cute cute cute baby photos! What a doll! You are a lucky mama.

Have a great weekend!

Amy K said...

Love that quilt! I agree baby tummy problems and nursing are the hardest thing. But he is a cutie!!

Stopping by from life rearranged.

Tacy said...

ditto to the quilt and turquoise kid chairs!!! :)

Courtney said...

I love your instagram frame!! I seriously adore it.

You have some of the best pictures in here this week. Nolan smiling? I just. Honestly now.

Viv said...

Love all the pictures! I must say too that Parker indeed has her Mommy's knack for taking pictures!


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