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Sunday, June 9, 2013

big sisters

I've written before how I prayed so much that the girls would love their baby brother...and to not be jealous...and would easily adjust to this big life change.

And I think I've also written how my prayers were answered.  Many times over!  Ha!  The girls absolutely love Nolan.  We have to keep close watch of him at all times when we put him down because they like to tug and touch and pull and hug....and sometimes not so safely.  ;)

Parker told me a week or so ago that she wanted to marry Nolan when she grew up.  I told her that she would find another prince but that we don't marry our brother.  Her response, "But I'd miss him."  She says several times a day how cute he is and how much she loves him.  When I bring him out of our room when he wakes up in the morning, she usually runs to him (really both girls do this) and kisses him.

A few weeks back we let the girls feed Nolan a bottle.  They were in heaven.  We let Parker go first.  She did a pretty good job.

Just the way she stares at him.  It can't be explained in words.  It melts me every time and I can't get over it.

Then it was time for little sister.  She just needed a little help because of her size and patience.  :)

Love this.

Sister new what she was doing....wiping his mouth and all!  Haha.

It's a family affair!  :)


These pictures were taken about a month ago, but I thought it was so cute and funny.  I had laid him down for some awake time....the girls had already loved on him a bit...and we finally told them to leave him alone and to not touch him and not even touch the blanket he was on.  
They obeyed.
Then I think they brought out every item from their kitchen and laid it all around him.

Then Grace 'took pictures' of him with her camera.


I try to take pictures of Nolan every few days.  If he's going to be my last, I think I just feel like I have to take pictures of him this small because he won't be like this for long.  But every time I do...I usually have to ask the girls to leave the room or put them on the other side of the room because they just can't stand to stay away from him.  A lot of times I'll just let them lay down with him.  They want me to take their picture with him.  Very rarely do I have to ask.

Parker also decided that she wanted to share her dance trophy with Nolan....and so it stays in his room during the day....and then at night- she brings it into her room.  :)


 I put Nolan in the bouncy seat so I could pick up the living room and vacuum.  Grace was there to keep him company.  It was so funny to watch from afar when she didn't realize I was keeping such a close eye on her.  But every time he'd move his head from side to side...she'd slide on over to the side he was facing.  I tried to sneak my camera out and snap a few without her noticing...but she did.  And she was ok with it.  She was more than ok with it, actually, because she would pose...and kept asking me to take her picture more.  {Haha!  They are my girls!}

This bouncy seat has lasted us all 3 kids.  We've had it for 6 years and it's seen better days.  But hey- it still works!


Sweet are so loved by our entire family.


Viv said...

So very precious, priceless is also a very good word!

Sanz said...

Ah! What precious precious photos! I love the ones with the food surrounding him. How adorable.

Aubrey said...

so sweet! and i can't get over parkers rainbow nails! love it!


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