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Saturday, June 8, 2013

the girls' dance recital

The girls had their dance recital this past Saturday.  My niece, Payton, and Grace are in the same dance class, and Parker was in separate class.  All 3 did so well and they were SO cute.  It was hard not to smile the entire time they were on stage.

I think all 3 were a little shy on the first dance...and then they all kind of warmed up.  Payton and Grace had their ballet dance first.  (I didn't take any thank you to Aunt Sis for getting these great pictures!)

Grace and Payton

Parker did her jazz dance first.  She loved those maracas!

Her next dance was ballet.  I love how in most of the pictures she's smiling.  ;)

Payton and Grace did their tap routine next.

Parker's tap dance...

At the end....all the girls got a trophy...they even have their names on them.

Our tiny dancers!

We had a great first year of dance.  I was so impressed with this dance organized they are and how they are Christian based with a lot of their songs..... and how we started out the recital in a word of prayer.  All good things!  
But I am also happy for the summer break to just have a more lax schedule. :)

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