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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Nolan's Newborn Pictures

We had Nolan's newborn pictures taken when he was 8 days new by Laura with Watermelon Photography.  She did a phenomenal job!  I love every single one of them.  And that's why I'm posting so many.  :)  It will be hard to choose which ones to frame.  I might have to make a photo book.

One of my favorite family pictures thus far.....All 5 of us!

And I have to brag on my granny a bit.  She crocheted this football set for me (and another set below).  How cute is this?

My Granny also made this hat and tie.  I love love love the stuff she made him!  We also have some stuff she made that will fit him as he grows that I'm really excited about, too!  
I love his face in this one....

This little guy has some fishing in his future....


Kristin said...

So sweet!! I love all of them!!!! I need a picture of all 3 of them please... in a 5x7 or send to me and I will print!!

Viv said...

All of these pics are phenomenal! I'm going to frame the one I received on the 5 of you on the announcement. She does wonderful work but she also had some very photogenic subjects! Love them all!

Dawn said...

All of these pictures are awesome! I love the fishing picture!!


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