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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

back to the grind

Parker started back to school yesterday from the Christmas break.  So today was our first day back to homeschooling.  I'm not sure what I was thinking....but I scheduled a dentist appointment for both girls for this morning....which is fine...except I really like to get our school work done in the morning because we are all just in better moods.  So this meant we would have to do school in the afternoon.

Thankfully- Parker was in a better mood than normal...and Grace sat quietly watching the iPad without a peep....and I didn't even yell 1 time.  haha!   I guess the break did is all some good.  

Our day...

Right before walking into the dentist.  This was Parker's second time.  She went back in the summer.  This was, however, Grace's first time.

Grace had been bouncing of the walls since she woke up...and Geoff sweetly reminded me that it was because she was excited and nervous about going to the dentist.  Sweet girl.   Parker had a great first experience and was looking forward to going back.  So this, obviously, made Grace excited, too.

Sitting in the waiting room.

Parker went first to show Grace how easy and fun everything was.  Another great report for Parker.  Fortunately- it looks like Parker got the good teeth genes.  So far so good....and her teeth don't really seem to collect much plaque.  Both the hygienist and dentist praised her for her good teeth brushing skills.

Grace sitting in the 'fun' chair waiting for Michelle (our hygienist that we all love) to get new tools out for Grace's teeth.

And she did SO good.  So proud of her, too.  She sat so still in my lap while watching Parker...and then she was ready.  She'd even talked quite a bit.

About half way through (when she was almost done with the bottom teeth), Grace asked, "Are you almost done?"  And Michelle told her that yes, she was almost done.  And then Grace asked, "where's the water?"   Haha!  Because while she was watching Parker....Michelle had already told her all about "Mr. Thirsty" (the suction straw), and how he'd drink up the water she squirted in her mouth.  So cute that since she had been watching, she was apparently looking forward to this.

This girl had a good report as far as no cavities....yet.  Her teeth seem to have a different genetic make-up than her older sister...and they have more grooves that are collecting more plaque....and also Mom and Dad need to do a little bit better job of brushing and need to start flossing.

Michelle gave her the mirror so she could watch her floss her teeth.  She loved this mirror because it was blue and had snowflakes on it...and she said it was like Elsa's mirror (from the Disney Frozen movie).  When she was done...she just sat there smiling at the mirror, admiring her teeth.

When we got was lunch....and then when Nolan went down for his nap...we started school.  So thankful Parker was in a good and playful mood....that Grace sat so quietly....and that Nolan slept for an hour and a half.  We were almost able to get everything done which was nice.

So we're easing back into life and reality slowly but surely.

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Anonymous said...

My big Girls so sweet and patient
Granny lovesDAerfo ya,


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