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Monday, January 13, 2014

these days

there's nothing too particular going on these days.  but, for whatever reason, today i just wanted to pick up the camera and capture our 'everyday'.

today's not a real 'typical' day, per geoff was home and parker was at school.  so it was just us and the little two for most of the day.... but this is a somewhat normal monday for us.  
and really...everyday is different here.  haha!

he's really good to play by himself for a while when he's rested and fed.  and also when he can't see me too often!  {we have parker's old little ikea mattress on the living room in this picture....still trying to figure out what we want to do with it.}

i don't always do it, sadly....but today i actually sat down and had lunch with grace.  most days she (and parker, too, when she's here) eats at the table alone...while i eat standing up and running to do this thing or that thing.  it was really nice to sit down and enjoy what was right in front of me.

being silly laying in my lap...

she's such a silly and fun little girl.  she turns 4 on sunday...and i think it's just made me a little more sentimental.  i seriously want to box her little voice and this age ands stage she's in right now and never want to forget it.

slurping up the rest of her soup.  i remember eating soup for lunch a lot when i was a kid...and i love that she loves it, too.

and it was an extra special afternoon today because we let her feed nolan.  she actually did a really great job!

....and here it is.  a great example of how she gets his attention.

and he was so funny today, too.  smacking his lips.  

Love these next 2.  Open.

And close.  And the funny thing is....Geoff and I do this, too....without even realizing it.

by the time nolan woke up from his afternoon nap...parker was home from school.  we made it a family affair and all went into his room.  he put himself to sitting the first time by himself last thursday.  now we are finding him sitting up about half the time when he wakes up.  i guess it's almost time to lower the mattress.

i don't think i've mentioned before, but wanted to document when he wakes up from his nap and is whining and such....if the girls will go in there and just stay in there...even if they aren't talking to him....he will usually just lay there and talk and talk happily for another 15 or 20 minutes if i need to get something else done.

through the bars...

the girls climbed on the changing table....and laughing and laughing.

a daddy and his boy.  love how he is in his arms.

and those little legs and feet.

we ended up meeting my sister and her family for pictures.

love these days we're able to spend together as a family.  they're just better days.


Viv said...

As usual, so very sweet! Priceless!

Anonymous said...

all so sweet I love you all granny


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