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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Baby Shower for Paisley

A couple of weeks ago, a few of my sister's friends and I, threw my sister a baby shower for the soon arrival of my newest niece, Paisley.  It has been a looong road for them, and so celebrating her and this baby was extra special.  I'll keep the words few, but I must warn, there are quite a few pictures!  :)

I guess I'll start with this table...

Blue Raspberry Lemonade.  This actually turned out to taste really good.  It was just blue raspberry kool-aid and country time lemonade mixed together until I got the color I wanted.

Place cards from The Sister Studio

The Cupcakes.

Cupcake toppers also from The Sister Studio.

miniature hershey bars...

A baby bottle fill with candies....all the guests guessed how many, and the 2 that were the closest to the actual number got a little gift.

The Clothesline.

Another little clothesline that was above the sweets table, but I never got a full pictures showing this.

Waterproof water bottle labels purchased here.  This guy is great!  Very quick responses, quick turnaround, and can pretty much do anything you ask.

The Food.

This is the Southwestern Corn Dip.  It is so good you could just eat it with a spoon.  Always a crowd pleaser.

Pasta salad.

The favors.

My sister and me.  The only picture I got of people.  ;)

So fun celebrating not this special day.  Can't wait to meet my newest niece!


Viv said...

It was a wonderful shower! As usual Marla, you out-did yourself! Your helping friends did great too!

Kristin said...

Everything was amazing and I loved it all!! Thank you again got everything. And you got some good shots of the food, I wish I had!! It makes me want the food all over again!


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