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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

deck the halls!

Well...I wouldn't really say that our halls are 'decked' just yet...but we did kinda sorta started decorating for Christmas this past Saturday.

I know.  It's a little {a lot} early.  But with there only being 3 weeks between Christmas and Thanksgiving this year...I wanted us to have a little longer to enjoy the decor.  I've come to realize we really don't have that many decorations.  Which is fine, but I'm really in the mood to hopefully add a few more things without spending much money and using stuff I already have on hand.  We'll see....

I only got a few pictures...but wanted to document this fun little evening.  The girls knew we were going to decorate that evening...and were in rare form all day long.  I had told Parker that if we finished her school work and cleaned up...then we could decorate.  I ate lunch standing up in the kitchen (this is the way I usually eat breakfast and lunch, by the way) while also trying to clean and put away...and Parker came in there and said, "Hey Mom...can you hurry up and finish eating so you can come in here and finish folding this laundry?"  Ha!  She really wanted to make sure we could decorate.  :)

I loved loved loved seeing them so excited.  Each year just keeps getting better and better.

Geoff started getting the stuff down from the attic....and the girls were bringing it into the house as fast as he could bring it down.  First up: the Christmas tree for there room.  The princess lights flicker and play the song We Wish you a Merry Christmas...and here they are just decorating and singing to the tune.  So sweet.

They even stopped to pose for a picture together.  They can be pretty sweet sometimes!

 Most of our ornaments are at the bottom of the tree.  And I love it.  I told Geoff not to move them.  One day...when our kids are older and bigger...we'll have a tree with ornaments more evenly spread.  But for now...I'm going to enjoy exactly where my little ones so proudly placed the ornaments.

These 3.  Love them with all my heart.

Nolan's schedule was a little messed he ended up not going to bed until after the girls.  He just sat in the floor with me...staring at the Santa {that moves his arms} and the beautiful, bright tree.


Viv said...

Priceless! His first Christmas and he seems so awed by the tree, soaking it all in. The girls did an excellent job on the tree!

Kristin said...

Such good memories! Great pictures!


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