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Thursday, November 14, 2013

field trip day.

Today, Parker's school had a field trip to the arboretum.  My sister watched Nolan so that we could go and I could focus all of my attention on the girls.  I was really looking forward to it.  We've been to the arboretum many times, but this was our first time to reallyvisit the new children's area.

When getting all of our things together....I kept going back and forth on whether I need to bring a stroller /wagon or nothing at all.  I ultimately decided not to (which ended up being the best thing for us today)....but it was SO weird not having something to push around, and mostly, no place to put all of our stuff.  So I brought a backpack and no picnic blanket.  :)

The morning started off kind of rocky.  I had packed our lunches the night before.  Set out all of our clothes.  Thought that I was prepared.  But I still seemed to be running behind!  So frustrating.  And I was so worried about running late.  It put me in a not so great mood, and I did not speak very kindly to the girls.  I ended up apologizing to them for my poor mood and for not talking very nicely the way there.....and they graciously forgave me.
And....we were 20 minutes early.  ;/

Waiting in the car....

I guess I have inadvertently turned them into posers.

This girl.  Getting those permanent, big girl teeth in.

All bundled up.  It was pretty chilly starting out the day...but we dressed in layers and so it really didn't seem too bad.  I didn't hear too many complaints, so it was all good in my book.

This new children's area is really really neat.  And I'm excited to go back and explore again.

 As part of the field trip- the kids were taken on a little tour of "habitats".

All the kids did so well just sitting an listening.

This squirrel was so close...eating his acorn.

This part of the park was really neat...all about making energy with different sources.  Here...they were taking the water guns to make these little contraptions spin.

{here...grace is upset that parker is giving her a turn}

{here- parker is letting me know that grace has now, in fact, had her turn and it is now her turn again}

Here...lots of water to make energy.   I think this was the girls' favorite part.

Wind and energy.

The wind tunnel.  Before the 'wind' started.
Love love love love how she was holding onto her big sister before it started.

There are quite a few of these wind tunnel pictures because all I could think about when I was looking at Grace's face this whole time was "pure joy".

The kids.  Always running ahead.  They all really had such a great time.


Viv said...

Awe! What a very priceless day!(loved Grace and Parker's faces during the wind tunnel)

Lisa said...

So fun!! I have heard so much about the new children's area! Loved seeing all the pictures. I miss all of those kiddos so much!


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