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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Kindergarten Harvest Party

Parker had her Harvest Party at school yesterday.  Instead of a formal Thanksgiving feast with turkey and dressing, etch....we opted for a lunch complete with deli turkey, deli ham, mini cornbread muffins, carrots & ranch, craisins, sweet potato chips,cheese cubes, pretzels, and goldfish.  Quite a variety and it turned out SO cute!

For the juice boxes....I used to felt and hot glue to make these covers.  I originally saw the idea here.
And I need to give a very special thank you to Geoff....for sitting and helping me cut out these turkey feathers.  Without him...I am sure these would not have come through to fruition.  So much of what I am able to do is because of him and his help.

And then- for a little table decor and party favor....I made these 'turkey legs' full of popcorn.  Idea found here.

After lunch- the kids did a little craft/activity.  They took clothespins and colored them however they wanted.  Then, with glue dots, attached googly eyes, a beak, and waddle.

Then we headed outside.  We put the clothespins on the back of each kid's shirt.  The object of the game was for the kids to chase each other around and grab the clothespin off of the others' shirts.  The last one to still have their clothespin on their back was the winner.

They had so much fun doing this.

It was a great little Thanksgiving/Harvest feast.  Thankful I was able to attend and be a part of it.


Viv said...

Again, you are so talented. Loved the little harvest favors! Glad you got to go too!

Kristin said...

Looks like a fun party! And such great ideas and cute things! Also, great memories!!

Phoenix preschool said...

I have watched the way my kid is spoken to, from far off when the instructors were unaware that I am there, and it was an extremely charming view. (You are who you are at the time when nobody is looking!)


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