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Friday, November 22, 2013

Nolan & Gibson

My friend, Amy, came over to visit last night and have a little playdate with our sons.  We've been friends since 1992.  That's a lot of years!  About 2/3 of my life!

Anyways....I've mentioned before how we both just had our first sons (her first baby, my 3rd).  They are only 6 weeks apart.

We first got them together back in August....

And 3 months later....they're sitting up...and their favorite thing to do is put things in their mouths.

Playing so well together and concentrating pretty hard, apparently.

Best buds!

Gibson is just the cutest thing.  And you can already tell he has such a definite personality.  He'll roll around on the floor and inch and scoot to Nolan.  Nolan...well....he's not one to enjoy tummy time.  So he thought he'd just throw a fit.  And Gibson was right by his side to comfort him (or bite his ear....Tom-A-to, Tom-Ah-to).  haha!

We loved having Gibson (and Amy!!) here.  I always feel like I have to compete with the girls for Amy's attention because I want to talk and visit with her...and then the girls just love her so much that they want to talk and show her all that they can.  
And I think Gibson loved being here, too.  He fit right into our little brood.  Can't wait til he comes back!


Viv said...

So sweet! Tell Amy Aunt "B" says he's adorable! Need to get on to you two girls for having no pictures of you!

Kristin said...

So cute!! I love the pictures of the girls holding both the boys, its almost like twins!! HA


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