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Saturday, November 2, 2013

out and about

A few weeks back- we visited the zoo and the arboretum (not in the same day, but, you know).

I don't know why it seems less exciting to write about it now.  I suppose because it was a few weeks ago.  But really- if I didn't say so, you'd never know...and it's be just as 'exciting'.

Moving on....

Our trip to the zoo.

We met up with some friends.  This was a school day for Parker, so I only had Grace and Nolan.  We had a wonderful time visiting, seeing the animals, and a picnic lunch.  Looking forward to more playdates at the zoo!

This was Nolan's first trip to the zoo.  He wasn't too impressed.  :)  Haha!  No- really.  He was so good.  I don't think he really cried.  He fussed a little and I carried him around a big, but then after he was fed and changed, he went right to sleep after putting him back in his car seat.

Always so fun to see the giraffes so close.

Sweet friends!

A little train ride.

And a tired boy.

The next week, Kristin and I met up at the arboretum to attempt a few pictures in the pumpkins.


Parker and Grace

Our 3 Pumpkins

We enjoyed lunch.

And a little play time.

We tried to visit the new outdoor children's museum there...but but by this time, it was hotter, we were more tired...and pushing around my big double stroller was not the easiest in certain parts.  Looking forward to going back with the girls to really look around and 'explore' that new area.

So thankful to be able to be home more now and make these memories with the kids.

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Viv said...

Making some wonderful memories! Great pics as usual. As usual, making my day!


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