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Thursday, November 28, 2013

ready for Thanksgiving.

I had the best of intentions of posting this yesterday, but life happened and I did not.  So today it is.

Nothing exciting here, just wanted to post some of the Thanksgiving activities we did this year.  I think this one is my favorite.  We read Thanksgiving is Here by Diane Goode...then did this craft.  This craft has nothing to do with the story, but we did it anyways.
I traced the kids hands for the feathers and the feet for his body.  And Nolan's little hands traced out like this is just too cute.  I want to laminate and keep, but since I put the googly eyes on, I'll have to change those out first, so we'll see.

I love looking at all 3.

Parker took this picture of me tracing his hand.  I'll have to take a picture sometime of his chubby little hands.  They are bigger and chubbier than the girls' ever were.

One afternoon we skimmed through ...If You Sailed on the Mayflower in 1620 by Ann McGovern and then made these pilgrims and pilgrim hats and wrote out what they were thankful for.  My intentions for this project was for Parker to do more writing...but we are in vacation mode and she was not wanting to do it, and I was not in the mood to make her.  But I do plan to do more of these type activities for Christmas.

Our pilgrims.

A few weeks back, we talked about the trip on the Mayflower and how long it was, and how the pilgrims didn't have much at all...most stayed in the same clothes the whole 60+ days.  I cut out this 'suitcase' and asked her to write out what she would bring if she were going to go on a long trip.  She only came up with 3 things, and my intent was to go back and make her write more, but again, I did not.  (I got this idea from The First Grade Parade)

Another afternoon we read Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr.  It was a really cute story.  And then we took a coffee filter and I let the girls color with marker however they liked.  Then we sprayed the filter with a few squirts of water and let dry.

We then did this sequencing activity found here.

Later on that evening, we glued everything down onto a large piece of orange construction paper.

Last weekend, we did our Blessing Tree.

And here's the wall in the kitchen where I displayed all of their activities.  The only other activity we did that I did not include in this post was when we read I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie found here.

I think the girls had lots of fun doing these activities (I know I did).  Now I just need to find the energy for the Christmas stories.  Such a good opportunity to read aloud to the girls (something I have been slacking in) and encourage writing for Parker.

I hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving.  I know we did and I hope to post all about it tomorrow.

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