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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Nolan @ 6 months

I seem to be making a habit of posting these 'monthly posts' almost 2 weeks late.  Oh well!

The good thing is, I did take the time to write everything out closer to him actually turning 6 months old....which is good because he's already changed since then.  We finally took his growth chair picture yesterday, so here I am today.  Ready to post.


- started wearing size 6-9 mo clothing (some 6-12 month clothing depending on where it is from)

-first tooth broke through the night of Oct 3rd-4th

-second tooth broke through the night of Oct 13-14th.  I know this because he was up about every hour that night and the next mooring we saw the tippy top of that pearly white.

-On October 19th, he had his first taste of baby food: peas.  And he did not like them!  At all.  I tried persistence, but each feeding session ended in gagging.  So....we have side moved on to sweet potatoes and now carrots...and he likes them both so far.  And if I can make it to the store sometime soon...I place to do fruit and cereal in the morning and then maybe a vegetable at night.  We'll see.

-size 2 diapers

-sitting up
the first pictures I got of him sitting up- Oct 3...just over 5 months old.  I was too nervous to leave him alone, so Parker took these.

-Still does not really like tummy time.  It's like he forgets he can roll over?  ;)

-Loves loves loves bath time.  After he's all washed (I bathe him in the big bath tub on a sponge)...I'll sit him up for a bit...and he just splashes about and plays with whatever I give him.  This is the only time he ever chooses to not come to me if I hold my arms out.  ;)

-Sleeping at night..  Hmmm.  Can't quite figure him out.  It really depends on the day and the placement of the earth, moon, and sun.  I kid.  But seriously!  Some days and nights are better than others.  He usually goes down around 7:30ish and is up for good between 6:30 and 7:30 in the morning.  And anywhere from 1-3 times in the night he'll awake and cry.  Sometimes I can just put his pacifier in his mouth and he's good.  Other times that just makes him angry and I pick him up and rock him to sleep.  And he's so so sweet to just hold and rock his sleeping little body.  But I think I'd be a lot sweeter with a full night's sleep.  :)

-Naps.  Has recently started sleeping anywhere from 1hr to 1.5 hrs in the morning (I put him down about 2 hours after he wakes up).  This is a vast improvement from his 45 minute naps just a month ago.  Now for his 'afternoon' nap...that's still up in the air.  Ideally- I'd like for him to take 2 naps...but I'm having trouble figuring out what he needs.  Two hours after he wakes up from his morning nap he kind of seems tired...and so it would be a lot of work to keep him awake another hour to then feed and let him nap again?  So I don't know.  I know consistency is key, which is also something we don't always have the luxury of, but still trying to come up with some sort of plan.  For all of our sanity!

{he clasps his sweet little hands and brings them to his face when putting himself to sleep.  it's the sweetest thing.}

-Just such a happy boy.  Sure- he has his moments...but mostly he's the most easy going baby...just along for the ride.  (now...let me leave a little disclaimer....he's somewhat of a momma's boy...and if I'm not around...he tends to not be so 'easygoing')

-Loves books.  Only...not to read.  He will seriously start to fuss when I don't let him put it in his mouth!

-Healthy baby boy!  6 month well visit:
Weight: 15lbs, 11oz
Height: 27.25 inches

Our growing boy....


Viv said...

He is so happy, cute and sweet! Looks more like his sisters than he did at first. David thinks he even looks a bit like Brian! He's just precious!

Kristin said...

He;s seriously growing too fast!! Such a sweet and cute baby boy!

Lisa said...

Sooooooo cute!!!


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