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Monday, January 12, 2009


Today begins a new chapter in our lives. About a month and a half ago, we made the decision for Geoff to take a different position at his job to where he would have a different schedule. A schedule that will allow him to be home during the day with Parker while I am at school. A schedule that will allow him to still be home with us on the weekends. A schedule that will keep us from having to find childcare (for the time-being, at least). Basically, a better schedule that will work for our family. That new schedule did not go into effect until today. We did make this decision fairly quickly, but not without a lot of thought and consideration. It was actually an idea that we had considered a year ago, but threw out for the mere fact that it did not seem right at the time. We weren't ready to let go of the schedule that we had...and basically, it just wasn't the right time.

So this year (or rather...this past November) when we were discussing our childcare options and such, we stumbled upon this suggestion again. And it was just amazing how things fell into place. We were both ready to commit to this schedule. It definitely has its pros and its cons...but we truly feel that the pros heavily outweigh the negative. I'll just name a few....CON: we will be spread pretty thin throughout the week having opposite schedules....PRO: we'll be together on the weekends (and in addition, Geoff will now have 3 days off a week instead of 2). CON: really- the first con is the only one...but it's a major one I will have to say. But see- I can list so many more pros: when I wake up to go to school in the very wee morning hours...I will not be waking Parker up and getting her dressed. She will be laying in her bed until she wakes on her own where her daddy will then take care of her throughout the day. While I am at school, my guilt (oh the guilt for leaving her) will still be there....but I really believe that it will be less. There's just something about leaving your kids with other people (no matter how good the care is...because truly- we had the best care anyone could have asked for her last semester) and then leaving them with your spouse. It's just different. At least it is for me.

I was telling Geoff this morning it is bittersweet. And that really is the best word to describe how I am feeling. There are moments where I get kind of sad because we won't get to do things together that we enjoyed such as watching American Idol (something so petty, I know....but it is one of the few shows that we both liked and enjoyed doing together), having dinner together, having help at the end of a long day..... But then there moments where I feel relieved because she will be home with him, and where I am happy for Geoff that he will be able to spend this time with her...time you can't get back...and time where she's just so darn cute and learning so much! Precious moments. She's just doing so many new things each day, it seems.

So that's where we are now. Geoff starting his new position this winding up my winter break this week and starting my semester next week...and just trying to get adjusted to our new schedule. It will be different, but we really feel it's for the best. And..... thanks for listening to my rambling!

On that note...I'll drop the seriousness and post some pictures of Parker since it's been a see the post below...


Viv said...

Change is good though, of course you are going to miss each other through the week but should have more quality time on one of his 3 days off. Plus it is very good that he will be spending some quality time on his own with Parker. I think every parent whether it be Daddy or Mommy needs that time. We wish you all the best and know that we are always here for you all!

Kristin said...

That all brought tears to my eyes. Maybe it's the pregnancy or maybe its the mother in me coming out already! I am feeling that feeling now, and Payton isn't even here yet. But, I think about it all the time. I don't want to leave her with just anyone!! It will be good that Geoff is home with her and gets to spend all that time with her. But your right "bitter sweet" nothing can describe it better!

Kelli @ Our Growing Family said...

I understand where you are coming from 100%. That's my life (just a litle different). You will enjoy his days off and like your Aunt B said, it will be more quality time on his days off. The 4 work days will start going by fast (well, kind of) once you get in the swing of things.


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