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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Fitness Coach: Update I

I got a phone call this morning at 6:15, informing me that TWU is closed today due to the inclement weather. I was so disappointed. Ummmmm...yeh right! I couldn't just go back to sleep...I had to get up and see for myself. Then, like a little kid, was too excited to go back to sleep. So I did the only logical thing....I did my first workout using my new "game." And now, I just want to follow-up a little with the post from Sunday since at that point, I had only set up my profile.

I really think I am going to like this if I can just stick to it (isn't that always the case!). But it started out warming up, then did the cardio section. I was sweating after only a couple of minutes. When I was done with that section, then it asks you how it was for you. For example, you didn't break a sweat, if you worked hard, or if you just couldn't keep up. Then they tell you, depending on what you said, that they will adjust the workout for next time (making it harder if you weren't breaking a sweat, or making it easier if you couldn't keep up). They did the same after the abs and the stretching sections.

And so now, here it is 7:50 and I have done my workout for the day. It's a pretty good I haven't felt since before Parker was born!

And to everyone getting out into the elements careful!!


Kristin said...

Good for you!! Hope you have a good day off!

Jodie said...

Way to go...That Fitness coach sounds like it really gives you a workout.

Viv said...

Good for you! Happy Day off!


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