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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

all in a day....

Warning- I am tired.  I am leaving the pictures as they were taken and uploaded and so it might make it hard to follow, but I want to get this documented and I have a feeling if I don't do it tonight, it will never happen.  You have been warned.  ;)


Today was a fun, family day.  We were supposed to get our family pictures taken, but due to the weather, we had to reschedule.  And I can honestly say, I was a little relieved.  Family pictures are stressful, and I am worn out!  About 2 weeks ago I had a 7 day stretch off from work....which was lovely!  But I pay for it with 6 out of 8 days (which are 12 hour work days, but then add driving time....and really- I don't see the girls or Geoff on those days)....and it is a beating.  Thankful to have a job....a job that I like.....but busy nonetheless.  ;)

The pictures are all a little wonky from the gray skies, but I wanted to document regardless.

Since today was our "Saturday"....I wanted to make something special for breakfast.  So I chose these.   Pumpkin spice donut holes.  They were completely impromptu and I just so happened to have all of the ingredients (minus the all spice).  I'm not usually a pumpkin-y person....but I've seen so much around on the internets that I wanted to try something.

This picture about sums up my cooking with 2.  ;)  Parker listens well...knows what is going on.  Grace is into everything!

I am not loving this picture of me.  But I am loving this picture of me and my girls. 

She is such a mess these days!  Looking Acting more and more like a 2 year old every day!.


I have been wanting to do a Thanksgiving craft and have been unable to making that come through fruition.  But today- we at least started the project, and I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Geoff took these while I was putting Grace down for a nap.  I had no idea about these pictures until I uploaded them tonight.


Parker had her first official haircut today.  I have given her several trims, but her hair was getting really long and tangling and a little on the stringy side- even after it was washed and brushed.  I was starting to think that I was ready to cut her hair....and then she mentioned last week that she wanted to get her hair cut as short as Grace's.  She mentioned it again yesterday and I told her to remind me in the morning.  Well- of course, I forgot, but she remembered!  And so a haircutting we went!

Some befores......

And I love the irony in that she had to have her Rapunzel doll at her side.  ;)

She got a before picture......

She was a little unsure of the hair washing at first, but then....

Look at this smile.  You can see those dimples a mile away....

They turned on this Barbie-ish movie for her to watch- which she was really into, but then asked her to look down 90% of the time.  She did so good though.  We will definitely be going back there for more hair cuts in the future!

Sister enjoyed a few toons herself.  For the millisecond that she was able to sit still, that is.

The first cut.....

It was about 3 inches...

Before the girl was done cutting her hair, she was already requesting her nails to be painted.


We came home and started decorating for Christmas!  This season is so busy- we have few days (4 to be exact) off together as a family before Christmas and so we took the opportunity to begin decorating.  We did get the tree up and a few other decorations.  We still have a few more things to put up, but shouldn't be too big of a deal.  When I mentioned to Geoff about decorating so early, I was surprised that he did not shut me down.  But we are both excited about Christmas this year because as the girls get older, it just gets more fun each year.  My goal is to be done with Christmas shopping by November 30th because I just want to soak my family up and focus on the true meaning of Christmas with my family.  We'll see how that turns out......:)

I got this tree a while back for the girls this year.  I'll have a more specific post about our decorations later.  But here are some from today...

Pandora playng in the background from our tv.....

Right in the moment that I snapped this picture....she was saying, "I need the ladder...."

Last Christmas Grace was 9 months old, and wasn't even walking.  So it's fun this year to see her and her reactions.  The girls were watching Caillou in our room while Geoff was finishing putting the tree up (they were getting bored)...and Grace walked out and whispered, "Ooohooh Woooow!"  Because, to her, it was her first time seeing a Christmas tree.  Love it.

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Viv said...

wonderful pictures! Her haircut is precious and she did so good! (the donut holes looked so yummy!)


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