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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our week in Insta-grams.

It has been a full week!  As I went through the photos on my phone, I had trouble remember if this had really happened tihs past week.  They all, in fact, did happen this past week......but just felt so weird to see- this weeks has flown.....but in some ways sees so long ago.  Such is life, I suppose.


We visited the mall with friends.  Grace was just lounging in her stroller.  Thankful she wasn't trying to get out and run around!


When we got home from said trip, Parker was cutting paper with her scissors.  She's been so good about only cutting paper and always (well- most of the time), putting them up.

But on this day- I she had left them out and I did not want Grace to get a hold of them.  So I told Parker to put them away.  She did.


Then- as I was preparing dinner- I just so happened to look into the trash can and found this.  Her hair.  I don't remember exactly what I said, but to my surprise, I did not yell.  I think there was a firm talking to, but she knew she was wrong, and she busted out crying.

I later found more evidence on the kitchen floor.  And just yesterday I found some in our bathroom?  So I'm not sure where exactly she cut her hair, but she did.  And then she put those scissors up and thought I woulnd't have been the wiser.

Luckily- she just cut herself some little bangs.  Kind of just looks like new hair, so not too big of a deal.


Also on this day- Grace did not sleep a wink.  So I took this picture to catalogue her first ever day to not nap.  She did all right, but this girls still needs her nap.  She will usually sleep about 2 hours....or even 3 hours at Kristin's house.

Little stinker!


Saturday morning we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart before Geoff got home from the deer lease with my dad.  They just looked to cute in the cart to not take a picture.  They are really starting to look more and more like each other.


After Wal-Mart- we came home and had lunch.  Then we put in Beauty and the beast.  When the "Be Our Guest" song came on with the dancing china and silverware....Parker ran into the kitchen to get her 'china and silverware.'


One day this week- Grace got a hold of a blue marker and thought she'd put it all over he mouth and lip stick I guess (except I guess the goal of lip stick is to keep it on your lips).  But so proud of herself nonetheless.


These next few may be my favorite.  The girls spent the night with my mom and Terry this past Friday since Geoff and I were both working.  I got to sleep in until about 9 or so since I wasn't going to be able to go to bed the night.  Anyway- when I got up and into the living room- it wasn't long until Parker told me she had packed her bag for Gramma and Poppa's.  I was SO impressed!   

Turns out- Geoff packed their bag.  ;)


Head on over to The Vanilla Tulip tomorrow.  You should really be reading her blog daily, though!  Megan told us about her blog and I've been hooked ever since!

Well- she has a craft fair going on now and for a few more weeks with lots of great shops and giveaways and discounts.  Tomorrow- she is featuring our shop- Anything Baby Boutique- and their just might be a discount offered for her readers!



Annie Moffatt said...

Adorable pictures! Adorable little girls!

Viv said...

Precious pictures! Parker cutting her hair reminded me of Bella, she is 6 and just cut her hair again a few weeks ago....Loved the blue marker too, know it's not a good thing to do but loved it still!


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