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Thursday, November 3, 2011


I got a little carried away this week with pictures.  I've been home more this week and so I guess that's why.  It's been a pretty good week here....


There are a few 'perks' to working nights:

  • When it's cold outside.....I get into bed as Geoff is getting up.  And so- naturally- I get on his warm side instead of my cold side.
  • I get to see the sun rise.
  • I usually get to see my girls a little more than if I were to be on days.

From last weekend.....the sunrise from my dirty front window on my drive home from work....

And I surprised the girls with special Halloween donuts before church...

I stayed up with them until they left for church....which is something I do not normally do because I am so exhausted going into my third night.  But I was high on life and excited for the girls to wear their Halloween-ish outfits... and that after that night....I would be off for 6 days!


I got the idea for this wreath from pinterest.....from this blog.  She has so many cute things.  Anyway- she made some adorable large burlap flowers for hers.  Anyway- to make it my own, I tried rosettes.  And I think it looks ok....I mean- I'm hanging it on my door regardless.  But Geoff and separate times....asked me if I was going to finish it.  Yep- they thought that I should cover the whole thing.  I voted no.  But still....the fact that they said that, should say something.   Oh well.   ;)  

The rosettes are removable which I love.....can change them out for whatever season/holiday.


We visited my Granny this week.  

This is a picture of Grace in the car on the way there.  Kristin was on the phone so she was helping me tell everyone, "Shhhhh."  But what I was really taking the picture of is.....she had pulled her arms out of the arms of her shirt?  No idea why.  

Sadly- I got no pictures of her.  But I did get a picture of the girls pulling everything out in her living room like it's home.  The same living room I used to turn cartwheels down when I was their age.  Love that we get to go and spend this time with her.  Next time.....there will be more pictures!

Poor baby was OUT on the way home.


There will be caramel apples in my life in the very near future.  


I eat my pancakes with butter and powdered sugar.  The more butter the better.  I'll eat it with syrup, but it's not my favorite.  This is.  When their warm, and buttery, and powdery sugar-y.  

We make pancakes about once a week.  We use Bisquick.  I've made homemade a few times...but really- these are the best ones out of the box you can get.

I make them small.  We eat want we want, and freeze the rest.  Then eat them throughout the week.


I got the girls their own stickers one day this week when we visited Hobby Lobby.  We got them out this morning, and Grace had me sit beside her on the floor and place them all over her legs.  She didn't want them on paper, on her shirt, or on her hands.  No- she wanted them on her legs.  Until she was done with them and stacked them all up and placed them on my pants' leg.  ;)


I had this delicious salad for dinner: baby spinach, cucumber, tomato, avocado, cheddar cheese, hard boiled egg white, and balsamic vinaigrette.

I was so proud of myself for taking the time and energy to make this for myself.  And then....I ate half a brownie and 2 miniature Hershey bars left over from Halloween not 10 minutes after completing the salad. Sigh.


life rearranged


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Love this fun set of photos! The halloween outfits are adorable! And, your wreath turned out great!

Becca at One Girl said...

The salad looks amazing & so fresh & healthy too! I keep thinking I need to make a wreath but have not quite found the motivation but I will have to try!


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