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Thursday, November 24, 2011



We made a family trip to Wal-Mart last weekend and I found it kind of amusing that we have to walk all the way to the side (well- kind of the side, but still in the front) get these shopping carts that the girls love.  You can't get these right when you walk in the door, so you have to make the extra effort.  ;)


I was able to sneak away to Kohl's for a bit last weekend and found this....

I sent him the above picture and message.....and here are his responses....

Yeh- me, too.  But these really are the best!  Virtually no clean up and so very easy to use.  ;)

AND.....I had an extra coupon and gift would have been half of that.  ;)


The night before Thanksgiving I took the girls to Cici's.  Parker asked if she could play a game, and so I let her (it's the holiday and all).  Parker loves the driving games, but what I found so fun was that instead of trying to go so fast (because why would she?)....she would actually drive a bit and then take her foot off the pedal and tell me that she was stopping at the stop sign.


These are really good!


We also made a trip to Home Depot last weekend, and while Geoff and I were talking with someone that was helping us, I couldn't help but look over to see our girls giggling and smelling their feet???  Really?  

They were laughing so. hard.  That deep belly laugh.

These are definitely Geoff's kids here....  Ha!


So I got all of the stuff together a few weeks in advance to make these because I just knew they wouldn't be that hard.  

Well- they were.

And here is the one I attempted to make.


I begged Geoff to not forget to take a picture of the girls in their turkey shirts and to send them to me on my phone.  And it made my day.


Geoff also worked today so the girls hung out with my family over at my mom's house.  My mom and Terry were kind enough to drive the girls home and have them in bed when I got home....which was so nice.

I went in to check on them.....

I love how she is holding on so tight to those dills that are almost as big as she is.


And the icing on the cake......When I went into the kitchen to fix my plate of Thanksgiving leftovers for dinner- I noticed that Geoff had already cleaned out the coffee maker, put in a new filter and the coffee,  and set my timer for tomorrow morning.  Something so little that I think is so thoughtful and means so much.  ;)  Reminds me how it really is the little things that count and I should do things like this more often!


Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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pei lan said...

Geoff is super sweet indeed...I started to have tears welling up in my eyes when I read that, how incredibly thoughtful!! :)

P. S. The shirts look GREAT on the girls!

Viv said...

very sweet, all the pics. Katie and Stephen had bought us a Keurig several years ago and I absolutely loved it. It went out a few months ago and haven't replaced it yet but oh how I miss it!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the Keurig photos! Sounds like something my husband would say! My Keurig was one of the best investments I've ever made. I love mine. Lovely collection of photos! Sweet blog!
Stopping by from InsaFriday :)
~a @

Jana said...

The Keurig is totally worth it! I absolutely love mine and use it often.

Stopping by from InstaFriday!

Nothingcanseperate said...

Was that his way of saving $179.99? Super sweet though and I totes want the keuring too- though I'm thinking of forgoing the platinum for a basic because I read the larger cup sizes = weak coffee so maybe the small cup setting is all I need. Also- check Sams club or Costco they have great prices on them and come with 40+ k cups and the filter thingy. But at kohls you get kohls cash...

Turkey shirts are darling. I wish I had done that!

Saw your sweetie snuggling a plush snow white. Disney online has all of those on sale now! I got rapunzel, Pocahontas and Mulan for $10! If she needs more I bet cyber Monday will be free ship.

Stopping in from insta Friday (you'd think from a coupon blog by my comments!)


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