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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Thanksgiving Day

Today we celebrated Thanksgiving at my dad's house.  I am usually not the best about taking pictures at family functions, and today was no exception.  For the first hour or so, I did pretty well.  But then after the huge meal and eating way more than I should have- I was too lazy to pick up the camera again.  ;)

Resulting in pictures of most of the people in attendance- and none of me and my family of four all together.  ;(  Maybe next year.....

Luckily Kristin had the idea of getting the girls together not long after getting there.  They weren't too thrilled, but at least we got one!  ;)

Dad carving the turkey.  It was delicious.  Everything was, though.

My brother, Brian.

A double oven would always come in handy at these functions.  ;)

This is pretty much the only thing that Grace ate today.  I made this Festive Olive Cheese ball.... of my favorites because I love cream cheese and green olives.  Anyway- we would give her a cracker with the cheese ball spread all over it.  And five minutes later- she would bring the cracker back and ask for more.

Cowboys football on in the background.....

Kay and Kasey.....

Kasey and Brian....

Dad and Kay....

No picture of Kristin and her family, or our family!  ;/

And the food!  Turkey, salad, macaroni and cheese, broccoli cheese casserole, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, and dressing.

Poor Payton was so tired she started crying pretty soon after lunch started.  Kristin held her for a bit then sat down with her and she fell asleep in her arms.

Grace found a new friend.  ;)  We haven't seen Kasey since last Christmas when Grace was just 11 months old.  But this year she took a liking to her and started crying as they were leaving.

Gran took them outside for a bit and they brought in leaves.  Parker made her own little game out of them.....lined them up, then hopped, skipped, and jumped around them.....then would run to the 'finish line.'  

Parker put on quite a show today.  She was sweet.  I just want to write this so I don't forget.....but she 'read' us books.  Would talk on the play phone.....describe her 'friends' (completely made up).....she would say she didn't know their name.  So we would have her 'call' them to find out.  One of her 'friends' names was Stripe....and the other one was Sea.  Love her imagination!


Vivian said...

You are the first person I hear of that has already celebrated Thanksgiving. I can't believe how fast it came upon us. Bet you feel renewed after being with family. The girls look adorable in their Thanksgiving outfits.

Viv said...

Precious memories! All the food looked so yummy as usual. Will have to try the olive cheese ball recipe too.

Anonymous said...

granny misses u all Happy Thanksgiving.


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