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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Weekend- Part I

Our Halloween 'celebrating' kind of started on Sunday.  I came home from work and found everyone still sleeping at 8am!  This is a highly unusual occurrence!

I got everyone up and helped Geoff get the girls ready for church.

I had thought about using our pumpkin muffin 'tins' to make crayons like I did for Valentine's Day this year for Parker to send as treats since I know they will be getting so much candy, but ran out of time and decided on these.....

The girls had gotten something similar to this at the library last week....using a bat...with the wings folded over hiding a miniature Hershey bar.  Well- I then saw on Skip to My Lou where she had made these printables and were actually featured in Woman's Day magazine.  I decided I'd just use hers rather than make my own.....hers are really cute, but when printed out they were kind of big and I would have had to use regular sized bars (I think).  So anyway- I just made my own ghost instead.  (I already had the googly eyes so the only thing we lacked in making these were mini Hershey bars that Geoff picked up on a quick trip to the store for some sour cream we needed for dinner that night).

I quickly made these labels.....{I have to add.....I made the decision to make these on Saturday afternoon after waking up and before getting ready to leave for work again.  I asked Geoff if I should just forget about doing a treat....when he offered to help.  And he did.  He traced and cut out all of the ghosts, cut out these labels, and placed them on the back.  Sunday morning when I got home I hot glued the goggly eyes on.}

And they look pretty cute in her ghost bag....

I don't mean to be so 'last minute' on everything.  But it's like survival these days.  I don't have time to do anything in advance....only the things that need to be done right then.  It's never-ending.  Like I'm always chasing my tail.  Does anyone else feel this way?

A few pics before they are out the door....

I honestly don't know how we have any petals left....

Parker wanted me to get a picture of her doing this.....

On fifth Sundays of the month- they don't have a separate children's church for the kids at our church....and so our pastors does a little 'children's church' story with the kids before the sermon.  I found this picture in Geoff's phone and so thought I would include it.

Monday Morning-

I was initially upset that I wouldn't be able to take the girls to the library Halloween party, but decided to stop pouting, realized it was really no big deal at all and moved on with it.  Geoff was able to take them and that was all that really mattered.

These are all from Geoff's phone so I'll try to keep my words few.  Ha!

Geoff said she ate 2 of those string cheeses.....

Ahem.  Ok- so Parker had to go to the restroom.....of course Grace a had to go in there with them.....she sat in this seat.....eating her cheese, nonetheless.  Is anyone else a little disturbed about the eating in a public bathroom???

Parker got a Barbie book as her gift.  Grace got a Spot book, but I don't think it's pictured.

Another cute craft idea from the library!

After the library he took them to McDonald's.  We have a new one that just opened about a month ago (that I have not been inside of yet)....and they appear to have a pretty neat play place.  (Note- not that it matters.....but this was not Parker's 'outfit' for the day, but what she wore under her cupcake costume.)

So like most play can climb up to the top then go down the slide.  Grace is not quite big enough to do it on her own, but that does not slow her down.  With the help of her big sister......she makes it to the top without a hitch!

Here is a picture of them in action.....

And again.....another one of my favorites.  Geoff took a video of Parker helping Grace al the way to the top.  He said that they had been doing this the whole time they were there and that this was the last time before leaving.  They had their system down!  I smiled the whole time I watched it.

There are so many pictures.....Trick or Treating is it's own post!

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Viv said...

Oh my goodness. Pictures are wonderful as usual but I loved Parker helping her climb. Priceless and made me smile.(not to mention actually get a little teary-eyed because it was so sweet).


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