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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Parker's First Day of School Ever

Well- I would call today a success! Parker was excited for school....and after picking her up....she seems excited to still go back!  ;)

We started off the day right with pancakes and turkey bacon...

Can't forget little miss!

Lovey had breakfast beside Parker today....but I am happy to report that she stayed home and all was ok with that.  Except- at dinner tonight when we were asking her more about her day (because the answers I got in the car ride home were not very informative).....I asked her if her nap mat was comfortable.  And in a sweet, soft, disappointed voice she said, "No.  Not that much.....Because I didn't have Lovey," while shaking her head.  It was kind of sad, but Geoff and I both held back grins.  

I had tears in my eyes as we were pulling away.  Thankful they didn't flow in front of her!

I thought this gal would be missing her sister.  And I'm sure she did....but she didn't seemed phased by it at all.  I think she enjoyed all of the attention she got!

She ate most of her lunch and her snack.

I am so excited about her school this year.  It's a university-model school where she will attend class all day 2 days a week...and then we have 2 satellite days where we do assignments here at home.  I loved teaching and doing activities with the girls previously, but at times I felt overwhelmed with not knowing what I should teach first, or next, etc.  So with this school- they give me the lesson plans (even for her days in school just so we will know what they did and be able to build off of that)...and then I am able to carry out the ones for her home days.  Love this.  I'm also excited because it will give me more motivation to have stuff planned out for Grace, too.

And the icing on the cake- is that they integrate the Bible and biblical principles.  They have all-school chapel for the first 20-30 minutes or so of the school day.  Today they talked about the Fruits of the Spirit (which was great because the girls and I just finished up a 'lesson' on this that will be posted on Wednesday this week).

Her work to complete before returning on Wednesday.

After dinner tonight we 'played' AWANA...and she said things like:
"OK- everyone sit criss-cross applesauce with your hands in your lap."

And she did a lot of talking about God and Jesus...and I wish I could remember her exact wording but I that it was new things that she had heard today because she was using new phrases and words in regards to this topic.  Made my heart happy.  :)


Kristin said...

That is GREAT!! Loved the pictures!! She is so BIG. Makes me sad. I mean happy for her, but sad! UGH they are all growing too fast!!

Viv said...

I loved the pics too. Happy too but sure makes you realize how fast time goes. Seems like yesterday that you, Brian and Kristin were starting to school!

Megan said...

I'm so glad she a great first day! I hope today was just as great! She is PRECIOUS in that uniform!!! With her little leg kicked back in that picture. So stinkin' cute!


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