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Friday, August 10, 2012

playing Barbie

The girls are really at such a fun age right now.  Playing and pretending...and doing it together a lot of the time.  It doesn't feel like 25+ years ago that I was playing with my Barbies just like they do!

I wanted to post these pics though- of the Barbie clothes that my Aunt Pauline made the girls 2 Christmases ago.  I didn't let them have the clothes right away because they are so nice, I wanted them to keep for as long as possible.  Plus- Parker used to have a really hard time putting the clothes on and a lot of times she would get frustrated and then somehow I was the one doing all the 'playing' with the Barbies.

She sewed all of these by hand and I love them.  I want one of this red one in my size!

This is such an adorable overcoat...

Stacking up books for Barbie's stage....

Not sure what she's doing to this Barbie.  ;)


Viv said...

I remember well you playing with Barbies too! The clothes Aunt Pauline made are amazing! Kind of brought tears to my eyes. Such tedious hard work went in to making those clothes!

Kristin said...

The clothes are amazing! I wish she could make them more because they are SO into it now!! :)

Stephanie said...

Such beautiful Barbie clothes!! I can see why you didn't want them to get messed up!

Pei said...

the clothes are so well-made! i would've wanted some for my barbies, back in the day ;)

i did notice that the Ken doll was naked...poor Ken, never has the same kind of accessories :)


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