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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Decorations 2013

I feel like the past couple of years I've just kind of 'gotten through' the holidays with minimal decorating.  I sort of have the mentally...the less I put out, the less I have to pick up.  
Well- this year I wanted to go all out with the decorating.  I wanted to add a few things...and make a few 'decorative' changes.

It's December 12th....and I have a new wreath I made still draped on a chair, and the Christmas card holder leaning up against the wall (instead of hanging on the wall) without a single card on it.  :)

Life happens.  And that's ok.  I'm in the process of cleaning up all of my crafting supplies and calling my decorating quits for this year.  Time to just sit back and enjoy.


 Stockings.  I ordered these ivory stockings 4 years ago from Pottery Barn...and of course, they no longer carry them.  So I need to find new stockings since adding Nolan to the family.  I looked around here and there...but never found any that I just loved.  We had that extra red stocking and so we're just using that for Nolan's this year. I'm thinking about making some burlap stockings....but going to go ahead and sit this year out and see what I may think I want next year.

Love this subway art I made last year.  This is one of my favorite verses....written 500 years before Jesus' birth!

This little tree is new this year.  We are doing Truth in the's basically an advent ....where each day we read scripture, then make an ornament.  My kids are learning a lot....I am learning so much more!  I highly recommend.  We are a few days behind and hope to catch up tomorrow.  As I said, this is something we are to be doing each day, but it's very forgiving and I try not to stress over missing a day.  Life happens and we will get caught up...and Parker is already excited that we have a lot to do tomorrow.
  Geoff isn't usually here when we do this...and it is so neat to hear them tell him about each ornament and what it symbolizes.

Day 1...we made this candle....Jesus was sent to be the light of the world.

I have been wanting to make a snowman wreath like this for a few years now...and I finally got around to doing it.  I made the little burlap hat and just wrapped some burlap ribbon around for the scarf.  I thought the girls would love this.  They weren't impressed at all.  Haha!  Hey...I still like it.  :)

Our Little People Nativity set.  Some days this is a really big hit.  Even Nolan likes it.

These burlap pillows are also new this year.  I really love how they turned out...except I think I need to add a little more stuffing to the tree pillow.  This was my first go 'round with pillows and they are really easy and kinda fun to make.  I have a some other ideas for another pillow, but it'll have to wait til next year.

This snowman garland.  So easy.  Just white paper plates...a few circles punched out with my circle punches...and some wonky triangles haphazardly cut from orange card stock.  This is another one of those decorations that I think I'm enjoying more than the girls.  :)

Our advent calendar this year.  Just numbers...and moving the star along.  The girls (namely Parker) moves the star each day without a reminder.  And it's a good thing...because I'm pretty sure I wouldn't remember each day!  These numbers were a free printable from here.

This is our Truth in the Tinsel countdown chain.  Each day (or when we get to it)...we cut off a link and read the key word.  The girls are supposed to listen for this word as I read the scripture.  They aren't the best listeners because I am reading from the actual bible and it's a little over their heads...but as the directions say- it's good for them to hear the actual Word.  Then- while they make the ornament we talk about the story and review what has already happened.  I know I already said this...but it has been so good for us.  Even Grace is answering the questions I'm asking.  Love it.  You can purchase the ebook here.

This is the girls' Christmas tree in their room.  Just lots of pink ornaments....

...And these princess lights.

I love sitting in the living room after the kids are in bed....just looking and enjoying all of the lights.

And that's a wrap!  :)

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Viv said...

I LOVE the Snowman Wreath, it's adorable. Love all the decorations too! Wish I had 1/100th of your talent!

christiejayne said...

Wow! I love it all!! The snowman wreath is amazing! I just might have to make one! Thanks for the great ideas!!

Kristin said...

Love all the decorations!


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