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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Visiting Santa 2013

A couple of weeks ago, Kristin and I took the girls to visit Santa.  This trip was...O.K......but I think we've decided that the Santa at Northpark will be our Santa of choice from now on.  The only thing is....that line tends to be ridiculously long.  And with small children....that long wait sometimes doesn't make sense to put ourselves through!

So this year....

After Santa...the girls enjoyed a little carousel ride.  And also a piece of gum from the little candy machine.  :)

I'm not ready for Christmas to be here!  I mean...I'm ready as far as gifts go....but I've just thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas season and I wouldn't mind it lasting a little longer.  The girls are just at such a fun and magical age....and I've taken a few moments (only a few!!) and realized that Parker's years of believing are probably few.  I know that the excitement of Christmas will not go hasn't for me....but there is just something so fun and sweet when they still really believe that this jolly ole man will come down their chimney and bring them gifts!

But most importantly....we've done a true advent this year and really talked and read and made ornaments about the true meaning of Christmas.  I plan to write more on this later....but suffice it to say....I think it may have blessed me even more than the girls!

1 comment:

Viv said...

So exciting for the kids...and yes, they indeed must know the true meaning of Christmas!


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