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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas morning

It was an iPhone-photo-taking kind of morning.  :)

Geoff had to work, and I guess I was just too lazy to pull out my big camera.  (maybe next year we will both be off for Christmas!)  I'm at least thankful that both this year and last least one of us was home to be with the kids on Christmas morning.

But alas.....Santa came!  And we had a good morning!  I woke up around 6:00 and all the babies were still sleeping.  I decided to stay up because I didn't want the girls to wake up Nolan if they got up extra early.  And they ended up sleeping in until 7:30!  Which gave me about an hour to enjoy the silence before the day.  Love quiet mornings alone, and they rarely happen.  :)

The girls' gifts....

And Nolan's...

Their favorite thing right now is....anything from the new Disney Frozen movie...namely the big sister Elsa.

"Smile so I can send a picture to Daddy!"  And this is what I get.  :)

Evidence that Santa was here.

And he even knocked a few logs out of the fireplace!  When we called Geoff.....that was one of the first things she told him.  The girls told him he need to clean it up.  Ha!

They played a little with their new legos.

And could not wait for their little brother to wake up so he could see his new toy.  Parker couldn't even wait until I changed his diaper.  Such is the life of the baby of the family.

And he loved it!

This is the best picture I could get of all 3.  Grace's new thing is to not smile when I ask her to.  Little stinker.

And while this little guy is not crawling yet....he is definitely mobile.

He got from the middle of the living room to behind the couch....somehow.

These new microphones are a big hit.  And I'm sure will drive me crazy in the very near future.  But.... this morning it was the sweetest and funniest and cutest thing watching them perform.  I captured a few videos that are priceless.

This girl would let me paint her nails everyday if I would.  Well...Santa put some Hello Kitty press on nails in her stocking.  She really wanted to wear them today and so I gave in.  The sooner she wears them...the sooner they will be gone.  ;)  

After playing a while...they settled down for a bit to watch their new Disney princess sing-along DVD.

And after Nolan's morning nap....we headed to Gramma's where we spent the remainder of our day...and did nothing but lounge in our pj's, eat, visit with family, eat, play a game of Joker, and eat some more.

We had a very merry and blessed Christmas.  I pray you all did, too!

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Viv said...

So sweet! Love getting to see their smiles on Christmas morning, especially Nolan!! You would think he knew exactly that Santa had brought him his new toys!


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