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Monday, December 2, 2013

Disney on Ice- November 2013

This past Friday my mom treated us again to Disney on Ice.  We've been a couple of times before and they were shows that focused only on a few princesses and their stories...which were good.  Well- this show was celebrating 100 years of Disney and it was such a wonderful show.  We were able to see SO many different characters.  It kept your attention because a new character and story came out every 4-5 minutes it seemed.  In the second act, both Parker and Grace would keep asking me, "Is it almost over?  Is this the last one?"  And it wasn't because they were ready to was because they didn't want it to end!  So fun!

The girls just got new cowgirl boots and they pretty much wear them everywhere.  Which is fine by me because I think they look pretty darn cute!

My mom and the girls. {Payton, Grace, Parker}

At first, Grace was nervous so she wouldn't even stand near the ice.  These are lucky little girls that they not only get to go to Disney on Ice...but that Gramma gets us front row seats.  We are so spoiled.

Me & my girlies.

Gramma & Parker

I thought sweet little Grace looked so cute sitting her in her cowgirl boots...just waiting for the show to start.

And here just a few pictures of the show for memories.

And then at the end....they were able to give a few high fives to some of the characters.  I didn't get a picture of all of them...but it was pretty exciting.  ;)

This is Grace's hand touching Woody's...then on the right is Parker (she has a crown on her head) giving Jessie a high five.

And here with Pocahontas and John Smith.

And the show ended with fireworks over the castle...just like in Disney World.  :)

Good times and great memories.
Thank you, Gramma, for taking us!  And thank you, Poppa, for watching Nolan so we could make it a little girls' afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Pretty neat huh
Granny loves it

Viv said...

So awesome and what wonderful memories made!


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